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Prefabricated Pumping Station: Introduction and Usage

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Prefabricated Pumping Station: Introduction and Usage

    A prefabricated pumping station will not just be a new component for a pumping system, but it is an important part that integrates the whole sewage and rainwater system into one, realizing automatic collection and lifting. The prefabricated pumping station can provide its users with the best available pumping station technologies, installed quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.  Prefabricated pumping stations have been around for decades but have recently become the better option for a variety of reasons. If you require a pumping station for your development or renovation, then read on to learn some of the benefits of prefabricated pumping stations. In this article, we'll show you how they work and why they're better than the rest.

What Is the Integrated Prefabricated Pump Station?

    The Integrated prefabricated pump station is developed for the integration of rainwater collection and sewage treatment.  It is composed of a cylinder, submersible sewage pump or submersible axial flow pump, trash grill, control system, remote control system, automatic cleaning base, and other components. The integrated prefabricated sewage pumping station is a kind of equipment that is widely used in the field of urban water supply and drainage, which can collect rainwater and sewage. After the impurities are pulverized by the grinder, the sewage can be transported without clogging, and quickly pumped to the sewage treatment plant. In addition, it can also solve the problems such as urban water and internal flooding caused by rainwater.

Why is Prefabricated Pumping Station Needed?

There are many reasons why you need a modern pump station. The most important reason is that the pump station can solve many problems that the city has been facing for so many years. The traditional pumping station lifts the solid waste to the pumping station directly and without any sealing measures, resulting in a strong smell and noise that has a great impact on people living in the area. With an integrated pump station, everything is set underground and the cylinder is a sealed structure with good sealing performance, equipped with an automatic dredging and ventilation system. The crushing grille crushes most of the solid waste into small particles that are discharged with the sewage, so it does not produce any odor.

Types of Prefabricated Pumping Station

  • Pump Stations with Submersible Sewage Pump

    The integrated pump station is used to elevate urban sewage. It must be outfitted with a higher lift submersible sewage pump. It has the ability to lift sewage to the desired water level. Because of its simple structure, it is easy to install and operate and only needs to be connected to the control cabinet power supply and drainage pipes when installed.  In the process of using the integrated pump station, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water level of the entire equipment is normal or not. Therefore, when choosing an integrated pump station, attention should be paid to whether it can meet the requirements. For example, when selecting a sewage pump station with a submersible sewage pump, it needs to consider whether it can meet the requirements of sewage lifting during urban construction.

  • Pump Stations with Submersible Axial Flow Pump

    The integrated pump station equipped with a submersible axial flow pump is the perfect way to control river floods, drainage, agricultural irrigation, and aquaculture. The large flow rate of the pump means you can get more water moved faster than ever before. The benefit of the integrated pump station is that it can be configured for your specific needs. You can choose from several different options including pumps and motors. The technology and design are so advanced that they can withstand the harshness of any environment without damaging the motor.  The integrated pump station is designed for easy installation and maintenance to provide a reliable pumping system.

Applications of Integrated Prefabricated Pumping Station

    The main function of the integrated prefabricated pumping station is to pump wastewater to a place where sewage can be treated and discharged. The Integrated Prefabricated Pump Station can be a great solution to your sewage or rainwater discharge needs. It is perfect for low-lying areas of cities and towns, residential communities, agricultural water conservancy irrigation, long-distance transportation of urban sewage pipes, and low-lying areas in scenic areas. In addition, the integrated prefabricated pumping station also has the characteristics of sewage treatment and impurity removal, which will be helpful in the future energy-saving reconstruction of urban sewage treatment plants, especially in the collection and drainage of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater in urban areas.  

The following are the main characteristics of an integrated prefabricated pump station:

Short Construction - The structure of the integrated prefabricated pumping station is simple, which is the biggest feature. The integrated prefabricated pump station has a small area and a small volume, and the prefabricated pump station only needs to excavate the foundation pit. The installation of the entire station can be completed in about 2 weeks.

Cost-Efficient -  The cost of an integrated prefabricated pumping station is lower than that of a traditional pumping station because the entire internal structure is compact, and all its components are completed in the factory. After leaving the factory, it can be installed directly with a crane. This method of installation saves twenty percent more in cost than traditional pumping stations.

Can Last Long - The integrated prefabricated pumping station is designed with advanced anti-corrosion materials with a service life of about 50 years, which complies with the standards of quality and the relevant specifications in this industry and has good mechanical strength. It is mostly made of fiber-wound fiberglass reinforced plastics, which make it durable and strong.

High-Tech - In addition to saving you the cost of hiring on-site staff to monitor your pump station, our remote control system allows you to ensure the safety of your employees. Best of all, you can modify or change the parameters of the pump station remotely, making it easier than ever to make adjustments when needed.

Easy To Maintain - You can be sure the integrated prefabricated pump station is safe and easy to maintain. The cylinder of this pump station adopts a sealing device, and the whole is buried deep underground, so there is no peculiar smell overflowing. Specific emergency measures and a full set of booster equipment are included in the integrated prefabricated pump station. When the control cabinet breaks, the emergency operation switch can be used to ensure that the pump station continues to function properly. The pump station has an inspection port that maintenance staff can use to enter and operate it.

Structures of Integrated Pump Station

    The integrated pump station equipment is a new type of pumping station equipment developed in line with the trend of modern architecture, which integrates the pumps, pipelines, and accessories required by users into one. 

    This type of pumping station is a complete set of prefabricated pumping station equipment with advanced structure and integrated design. It is convenient to use, reliable in quality, less civil work, lower in cost, and lower in operation and maintenance costs. Its remarkable feature is the optimization of volume. The pumping station cylinder is made of thickened GRP winding, which integrates pumps, pipelines, valves, instruments, control equipment, and other accessories required by users. 

    After leaving the factory, the pumping station will be installed and tested as a whole.

What Makes Tuohai the Best Prefabricated Pumping Station Supplier?


    With so many prefabricated pumping station suppliers out there, we know it can be a challenge to figure out who to go with. So, if you're looking for a prefabricated pumping station supplier, look no further than Tuohai. Tuohai products are made of high-quality material and each component has been tested to meet national standards, so you can rest assured that your purchase is going to last. When you order your pumping stations from Tuohai, you don't need to worry about whether or not the prefabricated pumping station will fit in your space. Tuohai has a team of experienced technical engineers who will choose the most suitable integrated pump station size according to your requirements, and then issue detailed dimensions and installation drawings—all at no extra cost.

Take Away

As cities grow and the need for sewage becomes more urgent, prefabricated pumping stations are becoming increasingly necessary. The benefits of having an integrated prefabricated pumping station are obvious. For example, it uses a high level of automation and will require less manpower to operate. Self-contained units that can be installed not only make the construction period shorter but also reduce the amount of work needed after installation. Tuohai’s production workshop is modern and controlled at every stage. Each integrated prefabricated pumping station is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility, ensuring flawless delivery to your house or business. If you need help installing the product, please contact us or visit our official website for further information. You can send a technician to the company so we can instruct them. For customers that prefer a more hands-on approach, we provide installation videos. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what a pumping station is, why your surroundings must have a sewage system, and how it works.


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