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Sewage Lifting Pump Station Solution

FRP Integrated Prefabricated Pumping Station

Provide the perfect solution for lifting pumping station: FRP buried integrated prefabricated pumping station. 


The cylinder is made of high-strength FRP, which contains pumps, grids, pipelines, gate valves, instrument panels, control systems, and maintenance equipment, etc.

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Sewage Lifting Pump Station Manufacturer in China


The integrated sewage lifting pumping station is an integrated underground prefabricated pumping station, which is precisely customized in the factory according to the specific requirements of customers. It has the advantages of rapid construction, strong adaptability, and long life. The sewage lifting pump station can be used for domestic sewage, rainwater, and industrial wastewater discharge or lifting, etc.

The housing of the sewage lifting pump station is made of GRP material wound, including pumps, grilles, pipelines, valves, instruments, control equipment, and maintenance facilities, etc. inside, to ensure the cost-effectiveness and operational reliability of the system to a large extent.

Different Type of Sewage Lifting Pump Station

According to different needs, tuohai can design various of different installation forms of submersible axial flow pumps for customers, including vertical installation, horizontal installation, float installation, etc.
Tuohai also provides installation design drawings according to your pump station free of charge.
pump station with submersible sewage pump-1

Pump Station with Submersible Sewage Pump

When the integrated pump station is used for urban sewage lifting, it needs to be equipped with a submersible sewage pump with a higher lift, which can raise the sewage to the required water level.
pump station with submersible axial flow pump-1
Pump Station with Submersible Axial Flow Pump
The integrated pump station equipped with submersible axial flow pump has a large flow rate, which can be used for river flood control and drainage, agricultural irrigation or aquaculture, etc.

Sewage Lifting Pump Station From Tuohai

Structure of Integrated Pump Station

The integrated pumping station is a new type of pumping station equipment that is convenient to use, reliable in quality, less civil work, and lower in cost. Volume optimization is its remarkable feature.

The cylinder of the pumping station is wound with thickened GRP. There are pumps, pipelines, valves, instruments, control equipment, and other accessories required by users inside, and they will leave the factory after installation and testing.
submersibe mixer

Cylinder of Integrated Pumping Station

The cylinder of the sewage pumping station is made of high-strength GRP, which has a firm structure, good sealing, prevents leakage, does not pollute the environment, and has a long service life.
Submersible thruster

Internal of Integrated Pumping Station

The integrated sewage pumping station is equipped with highly integrated water pumps, pipelines, valves, instruments, trash racks, overhaul platforms, control equipment, and other user-customized accessories.
Hyperboloid Mixer

Pumps of Integrated Pumping Station

Tuohai can equip sewage pumping stations with submersible axial flow pumps or submersible sewage pumps according to customer requirements to meet the needs of high lift or large flow.
Why Choose TUOHAI?

Free Drawing for Sewage Pump Station


Tuohai has a team of experienced technical engineers, they will choose the most suitable integrated pump station size according to the customer's requirements, and issue detailed dimensions and installation drawings, which is free.

Strict Production Process and Testing Standards


Tuohai has a modern production workshop, and every production process will be strictly controlled. 


Each integrated sewage pumping station must be tested and qualified before it is allowed to leave the factory and be delivered to the customer.


Assist in Installation for Sewage Pump Station


If you don't know how to install the sewage pump station, Tuohai will assist in the installation, or you can send a technician to our company, we will demonstrate how to install it and provide the installation video for you.


What people Say About TUOHAI
  • What is the sewage pump station?

    The integrated prefabricated pump station is a pumping station solution with rainwater collection and sewage treatment. Including cylinder, submersible sewage pump or submersible axial flow pump, trash grill, control system, remote control system, automatic cleaning base, etc.


    The function of the integrated prefabricated sewage pumping station is to collect urban rain and sewage. After pulverizing the impurities by the sewage grinder, the sewage can be transported without clogging, and quickly pump to the sewage treatment plant.


    In addition, the integrated prefabricated pumping station can also solve the problems such as urban water and internal flood caused by rainwater.

  • Are sewage pumping stations noisy?

    First of all, the integrated pumping station uses submersible pumps (submersible axial flow pumps or submersible sewage pumps), which operate underwater and produce very little noise during operation.


    In addition, the integrated pump station is installed underground, and the surrounding soil isolates the noise generated during the operation of the pump, and the GRP material used in the casing of the pump station can also absorb part of the noise.


    Therefore, the noise generated by the integrated pumping station is very small, will not affect the surrounding residents, and can be used in residential areas.

  • Do sewage pumping stations smell?



    The prefabricated sewage pumping station is entirely buried deep underground, and the cylinder is fully sealed.


    So, the peculiar smell is completely sealed inside the cylinder and cannot overflow, and will not affect the surrounding environment.

  • How does the sewage pumping station work?

    The integrated prefabricated sewage pump station is equipped with a pressure sensor or float switch. The sensor or float switch will feedback the liquid level information inside the pump station to the control system, then the control system will control the pump operation according to the liquid level information and preset parameters.


    When the liquid level reaches the preset position of the system, the pump will start running and lift the sewage from the pumping station to the designated position.


    When the sewage level in the cylinder is lower than the preset position of the system, the pump will stop running.

  • How long should a sewage pump station last?

    The service life of the integrated prefabricated pumping station has a great relationship with daily maintenance and product quality.


    The cylinder of the integrated prefabricated sewage pumping station produced by Tuohai is composed of GPR, adopts the mechanical winding production process, and the thickness of the cylinder is uniform. It has high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, and airtightness. Every component in the sewage pumping station from Tuohai is passed selected by rigorous testing, the integrated prefabricated pumping station has a service life of up to 50 years under the premise of good maintenance.

  • What does a sewage pumping station look like?

    The integrated sewage pumping station is a kind of equipment that includes all the functions of the pumping station. It is generally cylindrical and integrates water pump, pipeline, maintenance, and control systems. It is composed of pumps, maintenance platforms, pipelines, and other parts, which can meet the requirements of pressurization, lifting, and drainage. The equipment is buried underground and has no impact on the surrounding environment.


    Tuohai customizes the integrated sewage pump station and assembles all the supporting components according to your requirements, then you can install and use it on-site directly after receiving it.

  • What is a pump station in sewer?
    When building a sewer pumping station, most customers will choose an integrated pumping station. Compared with the traditional pumping station, the integrated sewage pumping station has the advantages of better sealing, no odor, low noise, simpler and more convenient construction, and takes up less space, lower cost, and longer service life.
  • What size sewage pumping station do I need?

    When customers choose the size of the integrated sewage pumping station, they need to determine these parameters:

    • water level to be treated
    • Need to improve the head and flow, etc.
    • Source and volume of sewage
    • Whether need to divert
    • etc


    If the customer is not sure how to choose the size of the integrated pumping station, Tuohai can send technicians to conduct the on-site survey.


    Or the customer provides the on-site topographic map, and Tuohai can analyze and select the most matching parameters for the customer based on the past project experience.

  • Why is a pumping station needed?

    Since the traditional pumping station lifts the solid waste to the pumping station directly and without any sealing measures, it will emit a serious odor, which has a great impact on the people living in the surrounding area.


    The integrated pump station is set underground as a whole, the cylinder is a sealed structure, has good sealing performance, and is equipped with an automatic dredging and ventilation system, and a crushing grille is used, most of the solid waste will be directly crushed to small particles It is discharged with the sewage, therefore, no odor will be produced.


    In addition, the integrated sewage pumping station has lower construction and use costs than traditional pumping stations, fully automatic operation, no need to arrange on-duty personnel, and saves a lot of later costs.


    Therefore, the use of integrated sewage pumping stations is more popular than traditional sewage pumping stations.


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  • This sewage grinder does not have the screen drum
  • The number of blades can be customized according to your requirements
  • The external dimensions of the waste grinder can be customized according to your installation requirements
  • This wastewater grinder is open-ended and can also be equipped with flanges for pipeline installation(inline channel grinders) according to your requirements
Housing Material: Cast Iron
Impeller: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze
Power: 0.75~450kw
Voltage: 380V to 10KV, 50HZ and 60HZ
Diving Depth: 20m at the most
Temperature of Medium: ≤40℃


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