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Submersible Mixer-2


Submersible mixer equipment includes high-speed submersible mixer,  medium-speed submersible mixer, and low-speed submersible propeller. They all have the functions of stirring sewage, mixing sludge, pushing the flow of water media, preventing sludge sedimentation, increasing the flow velocity at the tank bottom, etc.

The propeller is generally a submersible electromechanical device directly driven by a motor to rotate the impeller. High-speed and medium-speed variants are available, with small diameters and three-blade impellers. It is mainly applied to the anaerobic tanks, anoxic tanks, regulating tanks, selection tanks, and sludge tanks of sewage treatment plants. The propeller (including the reduction mechanism) is an integrated electromechanical diving device where a motor direct coupled reducing mechanism drives the impeller.

Technical Data

- Maximum temperature of the liquid: 40°C

- Insulation Class: H

- Protection Degree: IP 68

- Voltage: 400/690V+10%, 50Hz three phase voltage

- Material: Cast Iron or Stainless Steel 304, 316, etc.

- Working Range: Max.30m

- Seal: Double Seals(Silicon Carbide)

The installation system of submersible propeller is conventionally designed as an underwater tank bottom structure. Theinstallation operation can only be carried out inconveniently in an emoty tank that has drained water, not to mention themaintenance entails draining water, which has a great impact on the normal production of sewage treatment plants. lnorder to solve this persistent technical problem that has plagued sewage plants for many years, a trussed above-wateiinstallation svstem was developed to meet the needs of sewace treatment plants for easy maintenance without drainincwater and direct installation above water.

The trussed installation system is composed of three parts. The upper part is a fixed connecting base above water; themiddle part is a vertically suspended truss track; and the lower part is a conical clamping vibration absorbing couplingbase. The upper, middle and lower parts are connected into an integral rigid truss. The system solves the technicalproblem that installation and maintenance can't be conducted without draining water, and has the following technical


1 Operations above water are simple and fast. Embedding construction or chemical boltina is carried out above waterThe Truss is hung above the surface of the water tank. Installation is very convenient, without draining water and affecting

normal production.

2 The structure is reasonable. the bearing force is balanced. and the truss is a beam structure with sufficient rigiditand bending strength. The coupling base and the sliding track are attached to the truss beam device in a reasonablestructure. The overall strength, rigidity, impact resistance and torsion resistance are taken into consideration ano


3 The maintenance is convenient, saving both time and labor. lf the underwater coupling base of the devicemalfunctions, the truss beam can be directly pulled up without draining water so that the maintenance is simple andconvenient.

4  lt allows smooth water flow and improves efficiency. Compared with the traditional tank bottom installation system, theabove-water installation system improves the push-flow effect and hydraulic eficiency due to the absence of any barrierat the tank bottom that affects the water flow, so that the water flow is smooth, with the flow velocity not affected.The invention of the above-water installation svstem is a disruptive revolution to the underwater installation at thetank bottom and to the installation technologies for imported equipment. t is expected to eliminate backward tankbottom installation structure techniques with the advanced above-water installation system that simplifies installationand facilitates maintenance, thus meeting the new demands of modern sewace treatment plants for simplicity, hiaheficiency and rapidity. n the histories of development and application of submersible propeller installation system athome and abroad. it has always been of underwater tank bottom type. The five maior importing manufacturers have notmade introduction in this aspect in China. This new technology not only fils the void at home and abroad and satisfiesthe practical application in the domestic market, but also has positive and far-reaching significance in competing withimporting manufacturers for commanding heights in technology and market, replacing imports, improving the domesticequipment manufacturing evel, and deepening sewace treatment plants' understanding of domestic equipment



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