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Why Choose Prefabricated Pump Station

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In recent years, the market share of traditional pumping stations has become less and less, while prefabricated pump stations have become popular. Traditional pumping stations are gradually being replaced by prefabricated pump stations.

So, why use the prefabricated pump station?

The answer must be that the prefabricated pump station is better than the traditional pumping station. Now, let's take a look at how the integrated pump station is better than the traditional pump station.

First of all, most traditional pumping stations are made of concrete, and the investment and construction period are longer than those of the prefabricated pump station, and the floor space is relatively large.

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Take a pumping station that is equipped with three submersible sewage pumps for dual use and one backup as an example. The construction time of a traditional pumping station is three times that of a prefabricated pump station, and the investment is 1.5 times that of a prefabricated pump station. The required floor area is about twice that of the prefabricated pump station.

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Second, the operating cost of a traditional pumping station is higher than that of a prefabricated pump station. Traditional concrete pumping stations require 2 to 3 people on duty after construction is complete. The integrated pump station is equipped with a remote monitoring and intelligent control system, so it does not require special personnel to be on duty, and will directly give an alarm through the remote system.

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The traditional pumping station also pollutes the surrounding environment greatly. Because the traditional pumping station directly lifts the solid waste to the pumping station, it will emit a serious odor, which has a great impact on the people living in the surrounding area. The pump room of the integrated pump station is set underground as a whole and is equipped with an automatic dredging and ventilation system, and a sewage grinder is used. Most of the solid waste will be crushed to small particles directly and discharged with wastewater. So it will not produce too much odor.

Therefore, it is the general trend that the integrated pump station replaces the traditional concrete pump station.

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In addition, the submersible axial flow pump, submersible sewage pump or mixed flow pump can be used inside the integrated pumping station according to the working conditions, which is very convenient.

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