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HW Type Mixed Flow Pump

HW series mixed flow pump is a horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, volute type pump, driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine. It is suitable for conveying clean water or other liquids whose physical and chemical properties are similar to clean water. The temperature of the liquid being transported is not higher than 50 degrees celsius.

The HW mixed flow pumps are widely used in farmland irrigation, industrial and urban water supply and drainage, and other occasions.

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Mixed Flow Pump Manufacturer in China


Tuohai Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional water pump manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in pump production. It can provide various high-quality pumps, including mixed flow pumps, submersible pumps, gas-liquid mixing pumps, etc. All products are available 7*24 After-sales service.

Tuohai has a complete pump production line and testing system for the pumps, and our experienced technical team can design the perfect pump solution for customers.


Let TUOHAI help you achieve business success.


Different Connection Methods of Mixed Flow Pump

Tuohai can provide different connection methods of mixed flow pumps according to your requirements, which can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine, and can be divided into direct drive and belt drive according to the transmission mode.
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Belt Drive Mixed Flow Pump
The electric motor or diesel engine drives the mixed-flow pump to run through the belt, and the pulley can be adjusted at will to change the speed of the pump, thereby changing the flow and other parameters of the mixed-flow pump.
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Coupling Drive Mixed Flow Pump
The electric motor or diesel engine drives the mixed-flow pump through coupling directly, It has the advantages of accurate transmission ratio, stability and high efficiency, which is more suitable for high-power mixed flow pumps.



Use Method of Mixed Flow Pump

pump station with submersible sewage pump-1
Diesel Engine Driven
The diesel engine is connected to the mixed-flow pump through coupling or a pulley. This driving method does not need to be connected to the power grid and can be used in any area, which is very convenient.
pump station with submersible sewage pump-1
Electric Motor Driven
Connect the electric motor to the mixed-flow pump through coupling or a pulley, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable performance, relatively low cost, and no pollution to the environment.
pump station with submersible sewage pump-1
Fixed on Frame Car
The mixed-flow pump can also be used together with a tractor so that the drive system and the pump can be integrated and can be moved as a whole, which can avoid the failure of the mixed-flow pump caused by frequent disassembly.

Advantage of Mixed Flow Pump

Wide Range of Use

The volute type mixed-flow pump combines the advantages of centrifugal pump and axial flow pump, with low lift, large flow, simple structure, convenient installation, and maintenance. 
This kind of mixed flow pump is suitable for farmland irrigation and drainage pumping stations in plain and polder areas.

Multiple Power Options

The power drive system of the mixed-flow pump can be an electric motor or a fuel engine, which can be driven by a coupling or a pulley. 
Customers can choose the different drive and transmission methods according to the actual situation on site.

Various Installation Methods

In addition to fixed installation, the mixed flow pump can be fixed on the tractor together with the drive system according to the different use environments, forming a movable pump station, which can be easily moved at any time without disassembly.
Quality Assurance

Tuohai has a complete and strict quality control system to ensure that all pumps meet your requirements
Reasonable Price

More than 10 precision production line
Professional Techincal Team

Our excellent technical team, which can be designed according to your requirements
7*24 Hours Service

Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure solve your problems the first time

Attractive in Price and Quality


Tuohai has more than 25 years of mixed-flow pump production experience and has an independent R&D team. All castings are produced by themselves, which greatly reduces costs.

Professional Test System


Tuohai has a professional water pump test system, which can test most of the water pumps in the current market.

All Tuohai mixed-flow pumps must be tested strictly before delivery, and can only be packaged and shipped after passing the test to ensure that customers can use them normally after receiving them.

Assist with Installation


If the customer does not know how to install, Tuohai can send a technician to assist with the installation.

Due to the epidemic, we can also provide guidance and installation services to ensure the normal operation of the water pump after installation.
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  • This sewage grinder does not have the screen drum
  • The number of blades can be customized according to your requirements
  • The external dimensions of the waste grinder can be customized according to your installation requirements
  • This wastewater grinder is open-ended and can also be equipped with flanges for pipeline installation(inline channel grinders) according to your requirements
Housing Material: Cast Iron
Impeller: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze
Power: 0.75~450kw
Voltage: 380V to 10KV, 50HZ and 60HZ
Diving Depth: 20m at the most
Temperature of Medium: ≤40℃
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