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Sewage Cutter Pump-1


    The submersible sewage cutter pump is a submersible sewage pump with a cutting device. The cutting part has undergone many tests and is made of alloy material with a Rockwell hardness of 48HR or higher, which not only guarantees the hardness of the cutting knife but also the cutting ability.

    The sewage cutter pump is mainly used to discharge domestic wastewater, sewage, human feces and urine, and solid suspended solids and non-corrosive media containing short fiber paper chips, wood chips, starch, ore particles, etc. It is especially suitable for conveying liquids containing hard solids and fibrous materials and particularly dirty, sticky, and slippery liquids.
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Features of Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump



1. The submersible sewage cutter pump has a strong sewage discharge capacity, no clogging, and can effectively pass solid particles with larger diameters.


2. It adopts double-end mechanical seal and rotating impeller. The impeller of this sewage grinder pump is made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant, non-blocking, and non-winding.


3. The cutting device of the submersible sewage grinder pump can tear and cut the fibrous material, and then discharge it smoothly, without adding a filter to the pump.


4. The design of the sewage cutter pump is reasonable, the matching motor power is small, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.


5. Our submersible sewage grinder pump adopts the latest alloy material mechanical seal, which can make the cutter pump safe and continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.


6. Compact structure, easy to move, simple installation, no need to build a pump house for the sewage cutter pump, and reduce project cost.


7. The submersible sewage cutter pump can use a double guide rail install method, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.


8. The float switch can be used to control the stop and start of the pump automatically according to the required water level change, without special supervision.


9. The submersible sewage grinder pump can be equipped with a fully automatic protection control cabinet to effectively protect the leakage, water leakage, and overload of the product, and improve the safety and reliability of the product.


Application of Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump

    The submersible sewage cutter pump is suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, power plant and urban sewage treatment, municipal engineering, public facility sewage, and other conveyor belt particles and fiber sewage, such as:


(1) Sewage treatment and circulating water transportation for small and medium-sized enterprises.


(2) The slag slurry pumping of food, paper, brewing, iron and steel, and non-ferrous metals, tanning, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cement plants, and other factories and mining enterprises.


(3) Used in construction sites, engineering foundation construction, municipal facilities, and waterworks.


(4) Sewage discharge from basements of various high-rise buildings, air defense potholes, subways, etc.


(5) Chicken farms, pig farms, various breeding industries, fish ponds are used for pumping water and clearing ponds, aeration, septic tanks, and other occasions for human and animal excrement and urine pumping.

Use Conditions of Submersible Sewage Cutter pump

1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40°C.

2. The average weight of the medium does not exceed 500 kg/m3.

3. The PH value of the pumped liquid is 5-9.

4. In long-term operation, the motor allows the exposed part of the liquid level to not exceed 1/2 of the height.

Precautions of Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump

1. Never use the cable of the submersible sewage cutter pump to lift or suspend the cutter pump. When carrying or hanging the submersible sewage cutter pump, please hook the chain on the handle or the lifting ring on the upper cover.


2. When the submersible sewage cutter pump is used in mobile, the outlet hose can be connected to the outlet elbow of the cutting-type submersible sewage pump with a standard hose connector. For fixed use, the pipeline can be set according to the flange standard of the auto-coupling device.


3. The submersible sewage cutter pump cannot be placed at the outlet of the sewage. When the pump seat is placed on mud or floating sand, the pump will sink due to vibration. It is recommended that suspend or place the submersible sewage cutter pump on a larger base plate.


4. If the temperature drops to 0℃ or below, if the submersible sewage cutter pump is running, it can continue to run. If the temperature drops to 0℃ or below when it is not in use, the submersible sewage grinder pump should be lifted for cleaning and storage.


5. The inner diameter of the outlet pipe of the cutting submersible sewage cutter pump should meet the specified requirements, but when the conveying distance is long, the inner diameter can also be appropriately reduced, but it is easy to cause blockage and reduce the conveying efficiency.

6. After the long-term operation in sewage, mud, and other debris may be accumulated around the casing of the sewage cutter pump, which reduces the heat transfer speed, increases the internal temperature of the pump, and shortens the service life of the motor, or cause unprovoked downtime. Therefore, after a long time of operation (or at the lowest water level), the pump should be flushed with a hose to keep it clean


7. The mechanical seal of the submersible sewage cutter pump will leak out due to wear and tear, and the conveying medium may enter the motor through the seal. Please replace the seal in time to avoid burning the pump motor.


8. The submersible sewage grinder pump shall not be moved when the power supply is not cut off, people shall not contact with the surrounding water source while the pump is working, to prevent electric shock accidents when the submersible sewage grinder pump is leaking and there is no ground leakage current interrupter.


9. After the submersible sewage grinder pump is installed, it cannot be immersed in water for a long time, which may make the motor damp. It is recommended to operate at least 4 hours a week and check whether it is operating normally, otherwise, the submersible sewage grinder pump should be lifted and placed in a dry place for later use.

Repair Method of Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump

This series of submersible sewage cutter pumps have excellent performance, reliable operation, each pump has been strict inspection before the factory. 


The perpetually lubricated ball bearings and high-quality mechanical seals operating in the oil chamber give the cutter pump maximum durability. To ensure the service life of the sewage grinder pump, regular inspection and maintenance is recommended.


1. Check the insulation resistance of the submersible sewage cutter pump motor phase to phase and phase to ground regularly, the value should be greater than 2MΩ, otherwise, the machine should be disassembled for maintenance (after drying) and the grounding should be checked for firmness.

2. The gap between the impeller of the submersible sewage cutter pump and the cutting device (base cover) is 0.3~0.5mm. After long-term use in the medium, the gap may increase due to wear and should be adjusted at this time.


The method is as follows:


Disconnect the power supply, loosen the fixing screws, and rotate the cover to an appropriate angle to restore the original gap;


3. The submersible sewage cutter pump must be put into clean water after long-term use and run for a few minutes to prevent deposits in the pump and ensure the cleanliness of the electric pump.


4. After the submersible sewage cutter pump runs normally in the specified medium for half a year, the oil chamber sealing condition should be checked, and replace the oil if necessary, mechanical seals also should be replaced. For the sewage grinder pump used in severe working conditions, it should be overhauled frequently.


5. The oil replace method of submersible sewage pump is as follows:


Place the pump, make the screw plug of the oil chamber (located on the inner side of water outlet) faces down, discharge the lubricating oil and clean the oil chamber, then inject lubricating oil (about 70%~80 %), replace a new O-ring and tighten the screw plug.


If water is found in the oil (like milky emulsion), you should to flush the oil chamber first and then refill the oil. It must be checked again after three weeks of operation. If the oil becomes like an emulsion again, the mechanical seal should be checked, it should be replaced if necessary. When replacing the seal, an airtightness test must be done (air pressure is 0.5kg/cm²)


6. When the submersible sewage cutter pump fails, if the cause cannot be determined and cannot be solved, please contact the maintenance department of our factory.


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