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  • What is Submersible Axial Flow Pump?

        With the acceleration of the pace of civilized city construction, the city's emergency plans for all levels have become more complete. Due to the particularity of urban drainage or flood control operations, higher and more professional requirements are also put forward for corresponding drainage equipment.  

        In response to the needs of the market and customers, Tuohai Pumps has developed and designed submersible axial flow pumps suitable for various working conditions. The main features are easy to install and easy to use, which is convenient for the urban drainage department to carry out flood control operations in cities or near rivers before the flood season or rainy season.
         The submersible axial flow pump can be applied to various complicated working conditions such as urban flood control, municipal engineering, tunnel drainage, flood fighting and rescue, aquaculture, etc. In addition, the pump can also be used in conjunction with submersible grinder and other equipment.



Applications and Features of Submersible Axial Flow Pump

submersible axial flow pump       QZ series submersible axial flow pump and QH series submersible mixed flow pump are designed for places requiring large flow rate and Iow head. 
    Generally, the submersible axial flow pump is used for the head under 10 m while the submersible mixed flow pump for the head under20m. This product is an excellent replacement to the traditional axial flow pump and mixed flow pump. 
    The motor is seamlessly integrated with the water pump and operates under water. It has a series of advantages, which are unrivaled by traditional units.
    Submersible axial flow pumps are used in agriculture to irrigate and drain water, in municipal works to drain rainwater and slightly polluted water, in industries to supply process water, cooling water and raw water, and in irrigation works to divert water. They are suitable to transport clean water or slightly polluted water.

Features of Submersible Axial Flow Pump

1.  The motor and the water pump are an integral part. There is no need to perform the complicated axial alignment, which costs time and work. So it is very simple and easy to install.

No space reserve is needed for the standby pump. By storing the standby pump into the storehouse, investment can be saved. Bacause the motor operates under the water, the civil works and the building for the pump station can be greatly reduced.With reduced installation area, 30 - 40% of the total price for the pump station can be saved.

The pump operates under the water and the water flows around the motor. So Iow noises and good cooling conditions have been achieved.


The pump station can also be constructed under ground, thus preserving the landscape above the earth.


Using the submersible electric pump is the thorough solution to solve the challenge of pump station construction and flood prevention at rivers and lakes, where the water level has a large fluctuation. In this way, the long shaft has been saved between the motor and the pump, and the safety and reliability improved.



Design Description of Submersible Axial Flow Pump

submersible axial flow pump   1. Impeller
           The impeller of submersible axial flow pump is using the state-of-art hydraulic model and has superior, stable and sophisticated performance Choosing a Iow nd value can ensure a good cavitation counter capability and smooth operation.
  2. Shaft Seal
           Two independent mechanical seals make the motor and the submersible axial flow pump seal isolated. The tandem connection can provide multiple securities.So the reliability can be improved.
  3. Oil Cavity
           The oil lubricates and cools the seal. It has played the role of an isolator between motor and the pumped medium. The remaining oil volume can alleviate the rise of the pressure within the oil cavity.
  4. Anti-rotation Equipment
           At the moment the submersible axial flow pump unit starts,the reactionary torque of the motor's starting torque often makes the whole unit rotate reversely. The antirotation equipment can solve this problem.
  5. Bearing

    The submersible axial flow pump is composed of a rotating part and a non-rotating part.

    The rotating part includes an impeller part and a rotor. Non-rotating parts include stator, upper and lower end covers, guide vane body, etc.

    The rotating part and the non-rotating part are connected by a bearing and sealed by a mechanical seal.

    The static seal of submersible axial flow pump and submersible mixed flow pump adopts O-ring.
           The bearing of submersible axial flow pump uses the rolling bearing and can endure all axial and radial load. It is fully separated from the pumped medium.

Pump/Motor Shafts
           The small submersible axial flow pump and the motor share the same shaft. The structure is compact and axially short. When running, it produces little vibration. The seal and the shaft have a long operating life.

           It is high-performance squirrel cage induction motor and is designed for use with a submersible water pump. It is up to GB755 standard.
       The insulation level is F class, the max. operating temperature can reach up to 135n. Depending on the power, it can use various voltages such as 380V, 660V, 3kV, 6kV and 10kV. The high voltage motor has gone through double VPI insulation processes to achieve a reliable insulation.

           The motor housing transfers its heat directly to the surrounding media and then taken away by the water.
       The large capacity. high voltage motor uses a patented ventilation technology to reduce the temperature rise of three-phase winding and evenly distribute the temperature field.

Monitoring Device
           The submersible axial flow pump has multiple protective devices and can be led to the electric cabinet via a control line.
       The protective devices include overload, phase failure,leakage,ultra temperature, humidity,and dampening protections.


Submersible Axial Flow Pump Including Vertical Type and Horizontal Type

Due to the special structure of the submersible axial flow pump, if you chooses the submersible axial flow pump, it must be used in conjunction with the wellbore.

submersible axial flow pump
submersible axial flow pump
submersible axial flow pump

High Flow and Low Head

Pump Outlet: 300~1600mm
Flow Range: 0.12~12m3 / s
Head Range: 2~14m
Power: 7.5~630kW
Voltage: 380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV


Installation Method of Vertical Type Submersible Axial Flow Pump

     QZ series submersible axial flow pump and QH series submersible mixed-flow pump generally use open inlet. The mounting type can be concrete well bore installation, suspension type installation and steel prefabricated column pipe type installation. We provide the whole set of column pipe for the suspension type and steel prefabricated column pipe type and the foundation(including anti-rotation equipment)and the well cover for the concrete prefabricated column pipe type.
      During installation,the submersible electric pump is lowered to the bottom of the column pipe,letting the bevel face of the vane bodytouch that of the support.The O-shaped water ring is used as the seal. For a large submersible pump(generally the impeller's diameter is above 1 m),the mounting type with enclosed intake passages is used.
submersible axial flow pump  

Concrete Well Bore

    Because the submersible axial flow water pump is fixed on the concrete base directly, the noise of concrete wellbore installation method is relatively small and will not affect the nearby residents.

    The concrete wellbore can also be used in the corrosive or salty water environment, and its service life is longer than the steel wellbore.

    The size of concrete wellbore must be in accordance with the size of the pump, otherwise, there will be problems such as failure to install, unstable operation, and loud noise, etc.
submersible axial flow pump  

Open Type Wellbore

     Also known as concrete prefabricated column pipe type installation for the enclosed inlet conduit.

     This type installation method is preferentially used for the low head submersible axial flow pumps.
submersible axial flow pump  

Steel Prefabricated Column Pipe Type

     The steel prefabricated well bore is a common installation method for submersible axial flow pumps, which can save a lot of civil construction costs.

     The submersible axial flow pump can be hung in the wellbore or installed on the base below.

     There is a rubber buffer block between the pump and the wellbore, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise generated during the operation of the pump.

More Installation about vertical type submersible axial flow pump please CLICK HERE to contact us


Installation Method of Horizontal Type Submersible Axial Flow Pump

     Horizontal submersible axial flow pumps are generally used in reservoirs, lakes, riversides, and other places, and their main characteristics are large water level drops and long slopes.
     When installing a horizontal submersible axial flow pump on a slope, only a small amount of filling and digging or leveling is required. The civil construction is simple and the construction cost is low.

     There are several installation forms for horizontal type submersible flow pumps as follows:
horizontal type submersible axial flow pump  


Rail Type Installation

     The rail-type installation method for horizontal type submersible axial flow pump is to directly use pipelines to transport the medium, with reliable sealing and no leakage, no need to build in and out pools, and suitable for water intake in rivers and lakes with frequent changes in water level.

     This method saves space, simple civil construction, less project construction (utilizing the advantage of topography-existing ramps and trenches), short construction period, and low investment.
horizontal type submersible axial flow pump   Sled Type Installation

    The sled type installation for submersible axial flow pump is suitable for small and medium-sized units, flexible and convenient, especially suitable for flood control and emergency rescue or occasions where temporary pumping stations need to be established.
     The civil works for this installation method are simple, the project construction volume is small (the advantage of using the terrain-the existing ramps and trenches), the construction period is short, and the investment is low.


Our team includes the most experienced engineers are always service for you.

Advanced Water Pump Test System


Handmade Motor for Pump

Each pump will undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory to meet customer requirements
  Our submersible motors are purely hand made to ensure that the quality of the motor is stable, the power is accurate, and the performance is fully matched.

Free Design Drawings


Assist in Installation

Our engineers can design the installation method and drawings for you free of charge, you just need to provide the size of the site.   We will provide remote assistance in installation for you, or send professional technicians to the site to assist in installation of the submersibe axial flow pumps.

Own Casting Workshop


Custom Accessories and Wellbore

We have our own casting workshop and can cast parts at any time, saving a lot of costs and shortening the production cycle of the pump.   Provide a full set of accessories and wellbore of the submersible axial flow pump according to your requirements and dimensions to ensure complete matching and sealing during installation.
submersible axial flow pump  

Water Pump Test System

We have a complete pump test system, which can test various pumps such as submersible axial flow pumps and submersible mixed flow pumps, submersible sewage pumps, etc.

The test power of the test system is up to 1000KW, the test voltage is 380V, 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV, and the maximum testable diameter is 2 meters.
submersible axial flow pump  

Free Drawings for Installation and Design

You just need to provide the size of the site, our engineers can provide you with free design and installation drawings, which will save you a lot of time and money.
submersible axial flow pump  

Assist in Installation

After receiving the submersible axial flow pumps, we will provide online assistance for installation, our engineers will solve all problems about installation and commissioning for you.

If necessary, we can also arrange for workers to go to the customer’s location to assist in installation and commissioning. (This service requires payment of related fees)
submersible axial flow pump  

Own Casting Workshop

We have our own foundry workshop and can cast parts at any time without purchasing from other foundries, which greatly shortens the production cycle and saves time


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