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Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump

This is the most cost-effective submersible sewage pump. The housing is made of cast iron and painted with anti-rust paint. It can be used in most environments including urban sewage treatment, municipal engineering, sewage discharge of public facilities, etc.

Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump

The shell of this submersible sewage pump is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance and can be used in some corrosive environments, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking and municipal engineering, sewage discharge of public facilities, etc.

Submersible Sewage Pump with Float Switch

This submersible sewage pump is equipped with a float switch, which can automatically control the start and stop when unattended, which is convenient and reliable and has a wide range of applications.

Submersible Sewage Grinder Pump

This series of sewage grinder pumps have an impeller with cutting function, which can tear and cut long fibers, bags, belts, grass, cloth strips, and other substances in the sewage, and then discharge them smoothly from the sewage pump.


    QW series submersible sewage pump is based on the advanced technology of domestic and foreign similar products. We have many years of experience in design and manufacture. 

    After several rounds of technical innovation, the submersible sewage pump has become more functionally reliable and sophisticated. Its design has been streamlined with chart playing and it has advantages such as high efficiency. winding protection, no clogging, high reliability, automatic coupling, automatic control, and automatic protection. 

    The submersible sewage pump and the motor are sharing the same shafts to form a compact structure, so it is easy to maintain. Upon customer's request, various submersible sewage pumps are available to meet voltage requirements, so it is versatile and has a large working scope. 

    This submersible sewage pump has a outlet diameter 50- 600mm,a flow rate 7- 6000m³/h, head 5 ~ 60m,a power 0.75-450kW and a voltage 380V(660V,3kV,6kV and 10kV are also available upon customer's  demand).We could also offer hyperthermal, wearable, explosion-proof submersible sewage pumps of special design upon customer's demand.

Features of Submersible Sewage Pump

1. The overall structure of the submersible sewage pump is compact, small in size, low in noise, significant in energy saving, convenient for maintenance, no need to build a pump room, and can work when submerged, which greatly reduces the project cost.

2. There are two different installation methods for submersible sewage pumps, fixed automatic coupling installation system and mobile free installation system.

3. The submersible sewage pump adopts a unique single-piece or double-piece wheel structure, which greatly improves the dirt passing capacity, and can effectively pass the fiber material of the pump diameter and the solid particles whose diameter is about 50% of the pump diameter.

4. It can be equipped with a fully automatic control cabinet according to user needs to automatically protect the submersible sewage pump from water leakage, leakage, overload, and over-temperature, which improves the safety and reliability of the product.

5. The float switch or other liquid level switches can automatically control the start and stop of the submersible sewage pump according to the required liquid level changes, without the need for specialized personnel to supervise, and it is extremely convenient to use.

6. The mechanical seal adopts a new type of hard and corrosion-resistant titanium and tungsten material, which can make the submersible pump safe and continuous operation for more than 8000 hours. It can be used in the whole head, and the motor will not be overloaded.

7. The sealed oil chamber of the submersible sewage pump is equipped with a high-precision leak detection sensor, and a thermal element is installed in the motor to protect the pump motor automatically.   

8. The QW series submersible sewage pump can be equipped with a dual-rail automatic coupling installation system according to user needs, making installation and maintenance more convenient.
Fluid Temperature
  • Conveying fluid temperature ≤40℃
PH of Conveying medium should be 4~10​​​​​​​
Solid Impurities​​​​​​​
The volume ratio of the solid phase in the conveying medium is below 2%
Provide 380V 50HZ voltage, 660V, 3kV, 6kV, and 10kV are also available upon customer's demand
Dive Depth
Max 20m
Applications and Operating Conditions
QW series submersible sewage pump is mainly used in municipal engineering, industry & agriculture, hospitals, buildings, hotels, and restaurant to transport wastewater, urban sewage, and rainwater, which contains solid particles and filaments, as well as in raw water supply, aquaculture, and irrigation(with special material, it can be used with a corrosive medium).
The submersible sewage pump is fitted with self-protected devices and a control cabinet, it can control the water level according to customers' requirements.

Structure Description of Submersible Sewage Pump

Structural Drawing for QW Submersible Sewage Pump
QW series submersible sewage pump has a compact structure and is configured with various status displays and protective devices, which make the pump operate more safely and reliably.
1. Wearable Ring
Between the house and the impeller, wearable rings are
installed, which are easy to replace.
2. Pump House
The pump has a single volute, which surrounds the impeller to collect fluid. The overflow surface is smooth and the channel has a large section, which enables high efficiency and no clogging existence.
3. Impeller
Vandor channel-style impellers have strong anti-winding and non-clogging performance. They have gone through balance tests and work reliably.
4. Oil Cavity
The oil is used to lubricate and cool the seal. Its cavity operates like an isolator between the motor and the transported medium. Its volume can alleviate the pressure rise within the oil cavity.
5. Shaft Seal
Two sets of separate mechanical seals are installed in tandem. This provides duplicate defense against failure and has improved reliability.
6. Bearing
A rolling bearing is used. It can support all axial and radial loads and is fully isolated from the pumped medium.
7. Pump/Motor Shaft
The same shaft is used to serve both the pump and the motor. It is compact in structure, short in shaft extension, and small in deflection. When operating, it has little vibration and therefore provides longer operating life to the seal and the bearing.
8. Motor
It is a high-performance squirrel cage induction motor and is designed for use with a submersible water pump. It is up to GB755 standard. The insulation level is F class. The max. operating temperature can reach up to 135.
9. Cooling Jacket
The motor house can be cooled using internal circulation (applicable for pumps above 22kW).
10. Monitor
The submersible sewage pump has multiple protective devices installed. It can be led to an electric control cabinet via a cable. The protective devices include overload, phase failure, leakage, ultra temperature, humidity, and damp protections (they vary depending on the pump structure).

Performance Chart for Submersible Sewage Pump


    The stainless steel submersible sewage pump is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel to meet the occasions where the medium is corrosive. It has the functions of non-blocking, automatic coupling installation, equipped with a motor monitoring system, and water leakage protection.
    The stainless steel submersible sewage pump is suitable for conveying sewage containing acid and alkali components and is suitable for chemical plant sewage, pharmaceutical plant sewage treatment, seawater treatment, petroleum, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel plants, power plants, and urban sewage treatment systems, Municipal engineering, construction sites, and other industries.
    Stainless steel submersible sewage pumps are generally used to transport sewage and dirt with particles, and can also be used to pump clean water and corrosive liquids.

Stainless Steel Sewage Pump with Float Switch

        The float-type stainless steel sewage pump is of stainless steel structure as a whole, which has strong corrosion resistance. This water pump is equipped with a cutting device, which can cut long fibers, debris, and has a strong ability to discharge sewage, and can pass dirt and debris with larger particle diameters.

    This stainless steel submersible sewage pump uses a float switch to control the operation of the pump, thereby achieving automatic control. It is suitable for building buildings, hospitals, residential quarters, municipal engineering, road traffic and construction, factory sewage, breeding, pharmaceuticals, beverages, seawater, saltwater, solid particles contained in general corrosive media, long fiber wastewater, and sewage.

Performance Advantages of Submersible Sewage Pump from Tuohai Pump Industry Co., Ltd

1. Our submersible sewage pump consists of two parts: motor and pump body, which are separated by an oil isolation chamber and a mechanical seal assembly. It is a mechatronics product. The motor and the pump share the same shaft (rotor). The whole pump has a compact structure and is equipped with a variety of protection devices to make the pump safe and reliable.
2. Our submersible sewage pump has advanced hydraulic performance and mature technology. The product has been tested and all indicators have reached the relevant standards. After the product is put on the market, it is welcomed and praised by the majority of users for its reliable performance and stable quality.
3. Our submersible sewage pump is a new generation product developed in accordance with the characteristics of global water pumps. It has the characteristics of significant energy saving, anti-winding, non-clogging, automatic installation and automatic control.

4. Adopting the design of large flow channel anti-clogging hydraulic components, which greatly improves the dirt passing capacity, and can effectively pass 5 times the diameter of the submersible sewage pump and solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.

5. The mechanical seal adopts double-channel series seal, the material is hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, which has the characteristics of durability and wear resistance, which can make the submersible sewage pump safe and continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.
6. Compact structure, small size, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build a pump room, and can work when submerged in the water, greatly reducing the project cost.

7. There is an oil-water probe in the pump oil chamber. When the mechanical seal of the submersible sewage pump is damaged, water enters the oil chamber and the probe generates a signal to protect the pump.

8. According to customer's needs, the submersible sewage pump can be equipped with a fully automatic safety protection control cabinet to monitor the leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature of the submersible sewage pump to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the submersible sewage pump.

9. According to the use occasion, the motor of submersible sewage pump can adopt a water jacket type external circulation cooling system, which can ensure the safe operation of the electric pump in an anhydrous (dry) state.

10. There are several installation methods of submersible sewage pumps for your reference: fixed automatic coupling installation, mobile free installation etc, which can meet different use occasions.
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