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Cast Iron Reliable Performance Submersible Sewage Pump for Wastewater Treatment

Discharge Diameter: 50~600 mm

Flow Rate: 7~6000 m³/h

Head: 5~60 meters

Power Range: 0.75~450 kW

Voltage: Standard 380V, with options for 660V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV

Efficiency: Up to 85%

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C

Max Submersion Depth: 30 meters


For state-of-the-art wastewater treatment solutions, rely on our Cast iron Reliable performance submersible sewage pump. Designed to meet rigorous treatment standards, this pump ensures efficient fluid transfer, handling both solid particles and long fibers with ease.

Key Features:

Reliable Performance: Engineered to operate consistently, ensuring efficient wastewater treatment without hitches.

Efficient & Safe Operation: Experience seamless operation, promising safety and efficiency throughout.

Solid Particle & Fiber Handling: Successfully transports fluids containing solid particles ranging from 5mm to 125mm in diameter as well as long fibers.

External Cooling System: Utilizes an encapsulated external circulation cooling system to prevent overheating, even under continuous operation.

Automatic Coupling Installation System: Allows for easy and secure integration into wastewater systems.

Advanced Alarm & Protection Systems: Multiple integrated systems ensure smooth operation, alerting users to potential issues before they escalate.

Cast Iron Construction: Offers durability and longevity, even in demanding wastewater treatment environments.


Our submersible sewage pump is ideally suited for wastewater treatment applications, such as:


lMunicipal Wastewater Plants:Efficiently manages the high demand of municipal wastewater treatment processes, ensuring solid and liquid waste is adequately addressed.

lIndustrial Treatment Facilities:Designed to handle the varied and potentially aggressive waste produced in industrial settings, be it chemical plants, food processing facilities, or other heavy industries.

lAgricultural Waste Treatment: Assists in treating wastewater generated from agricultural processes, handling both organic and inorganic waste effectively.

lStormwater Runoff Management: Ensures effective processing and treatment of stormwater, helping to prevent environmental contamination.

lResidential Complexes: Suitable for larger residential complexes with dedicated wastewater treatment systems in place.

lRecycling and Reclamation Plants: Can be used in facilities that treat and repurpose wastewater for further use.


Installation Methods:

There are two predominant installation methods:


Coupled Installation: Using a coupler, this method connects the pump to the pipeline. The design facilitates easy lifting of the pump from the discharge pipeline for any maintenance.


Portable Installation: This involves direct connection of the pump's outlet to piping or a hose. Ideal for smaller pumps and temporary setups, it ensures flexibility in positioning and operation.


Our Services:

lTechnical Support & Installation Drawings: Avail top-notch technical assistance and custom installation drawings tailored to your requirements.

l18-month Warranty: An extended warranty period reflects our confidence in the pump's reliability and longevity.

lMaintenance & Spare Parts: Our dedicated team stands ready for any repair needs, and we stock essential spare parts for swift replacements.

lCustomized Installation Components: Tailored installation accessories like guide rails and bases ensure your setup aligns with specific requirements, removing the necessity for additional third-party purchases.

lControl Cabinets: Our offering includes control cabinets crafted from carbon steel or stainless steel. These feature varied start-up methods including soft start, variable frequency, and autotransformer start.


How does this pump guarantee reliability in wastewater treatment?

Its specialized design and rigorous testing ensure it operates consistently, even under the varying conditions present in wastewater treatment.


Is it resistant to corrosion from wastewater chemicals?

Absolutely. Its cast iron construction provides inherent resistance to many corrosive elements found in wastewater.


How does the external cooling system enhance its operational life?

By preventing overheating, the cooling system ensures the pump operates within optimal temperature ranges, thus prolonging its life.


How frequently will this pump require maintenance?

Though engineered for low maintenance, it's beneficial to conduct periodic inspections and cleaning, especially when dealing with aggressive wastewater elements.


What solid particle size can it effectively handle?

It's designed to transport fluids with solid particles ranging from 5mm to 125mm in diameter.


Can it handle high flow rates required in large wastewater treatment plants?

Yes, its robust construction and powerful motor make it suitable for high flow rate scenarios.


Are there specific safety protocols to follow during installation?

Always follow the provided installation guide, ensure the pump is disconnected from the power source during setup, and always consult with our technical team for any uncertainties.


How does the submersible sewage pump's alarm and protection system work?

Integrated sensors detect anomalies in operation, triggering alarms, and protective measures to prevent damage.


Are there any compatibility issues to consider when integrating into existing wastewater systems?

The automatic coupling installation system generally ensures easy integration. However, always consult our technical team to ensure compatibility.


Does the pump come with all necessary accessories for installation?

We provide essential accessories, but for specialized setups, you might need

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