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  • [BLOG] What is Submersible Axial Flow Pump


    Introduction:A submersible axial flow pump is a type of pump used to move water, specifically in applications that require large volumes of water to be moved over long distances. The pump is designed to be placed in water, making it a submersible pump, and it uses axial flow to move water. In this a Read More
  • [BLOG] Submersible Axial Flow Pump vs Submersible Mixed Flow Pump


    Submersible axial flow pumps and submersible mixed flow pumps are both types of pumps that are designed to be used underwater. However, there are some key differences between the two:Flow Direction: The main difference between these two types of pumps is the direction of flow they create. Submersibl Read More
  • [BLOG] Principle of Submersible Axial Flow Pump


    Introduction:Submersible axial flow pumps are widely used in various applications such as irrigation, drainage, and sewage systems. They are highly efficient and reliable, making them a popular choice for many industrial and agricultural applications. This article will provide a detailed explanation Read More
  • [BLOG] Submersible Pumps Comparison


    Submersible axial flow pumps and submersible sewage pumps are two popular types of pumps used in the wastewater treatment industry. Although both types of pumps are submersible and used to transport fluids, they have several differences in terms of design, function, and application. In this article, Read More
  • [BLOG] 8 Points of Maintenance of Submersible Pump


    When the submersible pump operates normally for about 2000 hours, the mechanical seal must be replaced, and new lubricating oil must be replaced at the same time.After repairing or replacing the integral sealing box, the air pressure test should be carried out. For the specific requirements of the a Read More
  • [BLOG] Installation and Maintenance of Submersible Axial Flow Pumps


    Installation and Maintenance of Submersible Axial Flow Pumps1. Overview QZB series submersible axial flow pump is a replacement product for the traditional water pump-motor unit.Because the motor and the water pump are integrated, it can run submerged in the water, which has a series of ad Read More
  • [BLOG] A Quick Guide to Submersible Axial Flow Pump


    A Quick Guide to Submersible Axial Flow PumpYou can find a submersible axial flow pump almost anywhere in the world. Though only recently has this kind of pump been getting the attention it deserves, it has been used for a very long time by a whole lot of people. The submersible axial flow pump is t Read More
  • [BLOG] Ultimate Guide for Submersible Pumps, Types, Applications And Working Principles


    This article provides an in-depth look at submersible pumps, types of water pumps fully operable underwater. It explains their design, being completely sealed and electrically driven, and compares them to dry pumps. The pumps are categorized into centrifugal, axial-flow, and mixed-flow types based on their working principles. The article highlights their ease of installation, cost and space efficiency, low noise, and reliability, as well as their broad applicability in various fields like urban sewage treatment, agriculture, and industrial applications. Materials used in these pumps and factors to consider when choosing one are also discussed. Read More
  • [BLOG] Submersible Axial Flow Pump


    IntroductionSubmersible axial flow pumps are a type of pump used for water and liquid transportation in various industries, including agriculture, sewage treatment, and flood control. Unlike traditional pumps, submersible axial flow pumps are designed to work underwater, making them ideal for applic Read More
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