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Energy-saving Variable Speed Control Submersible Sewage Pump for Dewatering

Discharge Diameter: 50~600 mm

Flow Rate: 7~6000 m³/h

Head: 5~60 meters

Power Range: 0.75~450 kW

Voltage: Standard 380V, with options for 660V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV

Efficiency: Up to 85%

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C

Max Submersion Depth: 30 meters


Experience top-tier dewatering solutions with our Energy-saving Variable speed control submersible sewage pump. Our technologically advanced pumps are designed to adapt to varying flow rates, ensuring energy-efficient and peak performance during dewatering applications.

Key Features:

lEnergy Efficiency & Variable Speed Control: Our pump's innovative design ensures it consumes less energy while providing the ability to adjust its speed according to operational requirements.

lSolid Particle & Fiber Handling: Capable of transporting fluids containing solid particles ranging from 5mm to 125mm in diameter and long fibers.

lExternal Cooling System: Features an encapsulated external circulation cooling system, ensuring the pump remains at optimal performance even under high ambient temperatures.

lAutomatic Coupling Installation System: An intuitive design that facilitates easy coupling of the pump to the system.

lAdvanced Alarm & Protection Systems: Integrated safety systems to guarantee smooth operation and preemptively notify users of potential issues.

lHeavy-duty Construction: With its cast iron construction, this pump promises durability and robust performance, even in challenging dewatering scenarios.

lOptimal Dewatering Performance: Specially engineered to handle the rigorous demands of dewatering applications.


This submersible sewage pump excels in dewatering applications, including construction sites, mines, and other environments where water removal is crucial. With variable speed control, it efficiently adapts to changing conditions, ensuring minimal energy consumption.

Installation Methods:

The two primary installation methods are:


lCoupled Installation: By using a coupler, the pump seamlessly connects to the pipeline. Maintenance is easy, as the pump can be lifted from the discharge pipeline effortlessly. We provide couplers suitable for different pump sizes.


lPortable Installation: Connect the pump's outlet directly to temporary piping or a hose. The pump can either be positioned at the base or suspended. This method is apt for smaller pumps and temporary setups.


Our Services:

lTechnical Support & Installation Drawings: Comprehensive technical assistance is available, and customized installation drawings can be provided based on your requirements.


l18-month Warranty: We believe in our product's durability, hence provide an 18-month warranty for peace of mind.


lMaintenance & Spare Parts: Our dedicated team is available for repairs, and we maintain a stock of spare parts for replacements when needed.


lCustomized Installation Components: Installation accessories, including guide rails and bases, can be customized to your specifications, eliminating the need for additional external purchases.


lControl Cabinets: You have options for control cabinets made from carbon steel or stainless steel. Multiple start-up methods are also available, such as soft start, variable frequency, and autotransformer start.



How does the variable speed control enhance energy efficiency?

The ability to adjust the pump's operational speed based on requirements ensures it runs at optimum efficiency, thus consuming only the necessary energy.


Is this pump suitable for deep dewatering projects?

Absolutely. Its robust design and powerful motor make it apt for dewatering applications in deep environments.


What ensures the pump's energy-saving performance?

The variable speed control, combined with efficient motor design, minimizes energy consumption while maintaining top-tier performance.


How does the external cooling system work?

The system circulates a coolant around the motor, ensuring it operates at optimal temperatures, especially in prolonged operations.


Is the pump resistant to wear and tear from dewatering large areas?

Yes. Its heavy-duty construction and design features ensure durability even under heavy use.


How often does the pump require maintenance during intensive dewatering?

While designed for low maintenance, regular inspections and cleanings are recommended during intensive operations.


Can the pump handle slurry or debris-laden water during dewatering?

Yes, the pump's solid particle and fiber handling capacity make it suitable for such applications.


How do the alarm and protection systems work?

Integrated sensors and mechanisms detect potential issues and trigger the alarm systems to notify the user promptly.


Is the pump's energy efficiency affected by changing voltage or power supply conditions?

The pump is designed to maintain its efficiency under standard power supply conditions. However, drastic voltage fluctuations might impact performance. It's always recommended to use a stabilizer in such scenarios.


Is it possible to integrate the pump into an existing dewatering system?

Yes, with the automatic coupling installation system and our technical support, integration into existing systems is straightforward.


Should you have any other queries or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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