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Stainless Steel Versatile Application Submersible Mixer for Algae Control


Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Chemical Processing:



Submersible Mixer-23

We are proud to introduce our Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer. Custom-crafted for the intricate requirements of chemical processing, this mixer combines the robustness of cast iron with the flexibility of adjustable speeds, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and durability.

Key Features:

1.        Durable Cast Iron Build: Designed to withstand the corrosive nature of various chemicals while maintaining structural integrity.

2.        Adjustable Speed Functionality: Fine-tune the mixing speed based on the specific chemical processing requirement, ensuring optimal mixing every time.

3.        Streamlined Design: Minimized blockages and optimized flow dynamics for consistent chemical blending.

4.        Eco-conscious Operation: Efficient performance with a reduced carbon footprint.

5.        Customizable Configurations: Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every chemical processing setup.


Submersible Mixer-09

  • Applications & Benefits:

1. Chemical Processing:

  • Usage: Ideal for reaction tanks, dissolution vessels, and chemical blending containers.

  • Advantages: Ensures homogeneous mixing, accelerates reaction rates, and maintains chemical integrity.

2. Municipal and Rural Wastewater Treatment:

  • Usage: Suited for aeration tanks, anaerobic reactors, and oxidation ditches.

  • Advantages: Facilitates wastewater treatment efficiency, optimal oxygen transfer, and sludge sedimentation prevention.

3. Food & Beverage:

  • Usage: Apt for fermentation vats, brewing tanks, and mixing vessels.

  • Advantages: Guarantees uniform temperature and concentration, enriching taste and nutrient content.

4. Aquaculture:

  • Usage: Perfect match for fish farms and breeding tanks.

  • Advantages: Promotes consistent water circulation, enhanced oxygen levels, and reduced particle sedimentation.

5. Algae Control & Nutrient Removal:

  • Usage: Suitable for ponds, reservoirs, and lakes.

  • Advantages: Sustains water clarity, curbs algal growth, and assists in nutrient breakdown.


Submersible Mixer-18

Technical Specifications:

1.        Impeller Design: Masterfully crafted for maximum flow and minimum clogging.

2.        Motor Efficiency: Built to global benchmarks for unmatched mixing outcomes.

3.        Protection Rating: IP68 - top-tier protection against water ingress and contaminants.

4.        Installation: User-friendly with a step-by-step guide for seamless setup.

5.        Warranty: Comprehensive coverage to ensure customer trust and satisfaction.

  • FAQs:

  • How does adjustable speed benefit chemical processes?

It allows for precise control over the mixing intensity, catering to the unique needs of different chemicals.

  • Is cast iron resistant to corrosive chemicals?

Yes, our cast iron is treated to withstand the harsh conditions of various chemical processes.

  • Can I customize the mixer for specific tank sizes?

Absolutely! Share your requirements, and we'll provide a tailored solution.

  • What energy savings can I expect?

Our mixer is designed for optimal efficiency, ensuring significant energy conservation.

  • How do I initiate installation or seek help?

Our detailed manual guides you through, and our support team is always on standby.

  • Want to inquire or place an order?

Reach out via our official channels. We're here to assist.

  • Have additional queries?

Our customer support is committed to addressing all your concerns.

Engineered with precision and backed by our reputation, our Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the world of chemical processing. Collaborate with us, and together let's enhance the standards of chemical blending and processing.

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