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Cast Iron Durable Construction Submersible Mixer for Aquaculture


Experience a revolutionary advancement in water treatment with the High Flow Rate Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer tailored for optimal algae control. This innovative piece of equipment merges two critical components – high flow rate and adjustable speed – to create the ultimate solution for various aquatic challenges, especially controlling unwanted algae growth.


  • Key Features:

  • High Flow Rate: With the High Flow Rate Submersible Mixer, attain impressive water circulation, ensuring uniform distribution of nutrients and prevention of stagnant water pockets, which can be a breeding ground for algae.

  • Adjustable Speed Mechanism: This feature provides flexibility in water circulation intensity. From gentle stirring to rigorous mixing, adjust the speed to suit specific needs, making it a versatile tool in diverse water conditions.

  • Specialized for Algae Control: The mixer's design and capabilities focus primarily on disrupting the environment where algae thrive, leading to effective and natural algae management.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Despite its power, the mixer operates with optimal energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with premium materials, this mixer guarantees longevity and resistance against wear and tear, ensuring continuous and efficient algae control.

  • Easy Integration: Designed to be universally compatible, integrating into existing setups or new projects is seamless.


  • Benefits for Algae Control:

  • Uniform Nutrient Distribution: Prevent the over-concentration of nutrients in certain areas which can accelerate algae growth.

  • Oxygen Distribution: Enhance the distribution of oxygen, vital for healthy aquatic ecosystems and to naturally suppress the proliferation of algae.

  • Temperature Regulation: By circulating water effectively, prevent thermal stratification which can support algal blooms.

  • Delve Deeper with Tuohai:

For over a quarter of a century, Tuohai has been at the forefront of water treatment technology. Our products are ISO and CE-certified, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation. Our legacy is built on expert craftsmanship, dedicated customer support, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

  • FAQs

  • How does the Adjustable Speed function benefit algae control?

The speed control allows for precise water circulation tailored to the specific needs of the water body, ensuring effective disruption of conditions favorable to algae growth.

  • What makes the high flow rate mixer effective for larger water bodies?

The high flow rate ensures comprehensive water movement, crucial for consistent nutrient distribution, and effective algae control across extensive water surfaces.

  • How is the submersible mixer customized for specific water depths?

Provide us with your water body's dimensions, and our team will customize the mixer, choosing the appropriate power and size for maximum efficiency.

  • Does the adjustable speed impact the mixer's energy consumption?

The mixer is designed for optimal energy efficiency at all speed levels, ensuring effective operations without escalated energy costs.

  • What maintenance is required for the Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer?

While the mixer is designed for low maintenance, periodic inspections will ensure optimal performance and longevity.

  • How does the mixer aid in uniform oxygen distribution?

By creating consistent water movement, it facilitates the uniform spread of oxygen, promoting a healthier aquatic environment.

  • Is this mixer suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments?

Absolutely, its robust construction ensures efficient performance in both freshwater and saltwater conditions.

  • Can the Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer operate in both 50Hz and 60Hz setups?

Yes, our mixer is adaptable to both 50Hz and 60Hz electrical systems, ensuring versatility in various regions.

  • What warranty does Tuohai offer for this product?

We provide an 18-month product warranty, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Why should I choose Tuohai's mixer for my algae control needs?

With decades of expertise, a proven track record, and cutting-edge technology, our mixers offer the best solution for sustainable and effective algae control.

For further inquiries or to begin your journey towards algae-free waters, please contact us. Tuohai’s High Flow Rate Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Algae Control is your trusted partner in maintaining pristine aquatic environments.

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