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Stainless Steel Low Maintenance Submersible Mixer for Sludge Mixing


Energy-efficient Self-cleaning Impellers Submersible Mixer for Aeration:


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Aeration is a cornerstone of efficient wastewater management, ensuring optimal oxygen levels for effective biological treatment. Our Energy-efficient Self-cleaning Impellers Submersible Mixer is engineered to offer both superior mixing and enhanced energy savings, making it the ideal choice for advanced aeration applications.

Key Features:

1.Energy-efficient Design: Meticulously crafted to deliver high mixing performance with significantly reduced energy consumption.

2. Self-cleaning Impellers: Specially designed impellers resist fouling and sludge build-up, maintaining peak performance and extending the mixer's lifespan.

3. Optimized for Aeration: Facilitates optimal oxygen transfer, ensuring a robust microbial ecosystem for wastewater treatment.

4. Durable Construction: Crafted to endure the challenges of wastewater environments and offer long-term reliability.

Primary Applications:

  • Aeration:

  • Applications: Oxygenation basins, aerated lagoons, and aeration tanks in wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Benefits: Ensures efficient oxygen transfer, promoting microbial activity and accelerating waste breakdown.

  • Municipal and Rural Wastewater Treatment:

  • Applications: Aerated ponds, anaerobic reservoirs, and oxidation trenches.

  • Benefits: Boosts wastewater treatment efficiency through enhanced water circulation and oxygen distribution.


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  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • Applications: Chemical reactors, sedimentation chambers, and neutralization tanks.

  • Benefits: Offers consistent, energy-efficient mixing for uniform chemical reactions.

  • Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Applications: Fermentation vessels, brewing tanks, and seasoning reservoirs.

  • Benefits: Maintains even temperatures and concentrations, optimizing product quality.

  • Aquaculture:

  • Applications: Fish breeding ponds, hatcheries, and aquatic plant cultivation tanks.

  • Benefits: Improves water quality and oxygen levels, fostering a healthier environment for aquatic life.



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Technical Specifications:

1.        Impeller Material: Advanced Polymer Composite

2.        Shaft Material: Durable Alloy Steel

3.        Mechanical Seal Material: Reinforced Silicon Carbide

4.        Motor Protection Grade: IP68

5.        Cable Length: Standard 10 meters (custom lengths available upon request)


  • How does the energy-efficient design benefit my operations?

It provides the desired mixing output using less power, translating to significant energy savings over time.

  • What makes the impellers self-cleaning?

The unique blade design minimizes build-up, allowing for continuous and efficient operation with reduced maintenance.

  • Is this mixer specifically designed for aeration applications?

Yes, it's optimized for aeration processes, ensuring effective oxygen transfer to stimulate biological activity.

  • How does the self-cleaning feature affect energy efficiency?

By preventing fouling, the mixer maintains optimal performance, ensuring consistent energy usage without the spikes that can come with impeller blockage.

  • How often should the mixer be inspected?

Despite its self-cleaning properties, periodic inspections are recommended for peak performance.

  • Does the mixer require specialized installation?

No, it comes with a comprehensive guide, making installation straightforward.

  • Can it handle high-solid-content wastewater?

Absolutely. Its design ensures effective mixing even in dense waste conditions.

  • What's the lifespan of this submersible mixer?

With its durable construction and self-cleaning feature, it's engineered for extended longevity, though actual lifespan can vary based on operational conditions.

  • Is customization available for specific requirements?

Yes, we cater to specific needs, ensuring you get the perfect solution for your operations.

  • How does this mixer compare to traditional aeration devices?

It offers a blend of energy efficiency and optimized aeration, ensuring better performance and reduced operational costs.

The Energy-efficient Self-cleaning Impellers Submersible Mixer is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution. It guarantees that your aeration processes are both cost-effective and operationally efficient, ensuring superior wastewater treatment results.

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