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Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Algae Control



Unleash unparalleled efficiency and expert control in algae management with the Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer designed specifically for algae control. This state-of-the-art equipment symbolizes engineering excellence, combining the durability of cast iron with a finely adjustable speed mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Cast Iron Construction: Built with robust cast iron, this submersible mixer offers unparalleled durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance.

  • Adjustable Speed Technology: Customize the mixing intensity to fit the specific needs of various aquatic environments, enabling precision in algae control strategies.

  • Specialized Algae Control Design: Engineered to create water movement that disrupts the conditions favorable for algae growth, this mixer becomes an essential tool in maintaining clear water bodies.

  • Energy Efficiency: Despite its robust construction, the mixer operates with optimal efficiency, guaranteeing performance without excessive energy consumption.

  • Easy Installation: Customizable according to water depth, this mixer offers hassle-free installation and integration into different aquatic systems.


Product Specifications:

1.        Housing: Cast Iron

2.        Shaft: Stainless steel ensuring corrosion resistance and extended durability

3.        Mechanical Seal: Premium-grade silicon carbide, guaranteeing watertight integrity and reduced wear

4.        Speed Range: Predetermined based on motor power, optimized for the best mixing performance

5.        Power Options: Suitable for both 50Hz and 60Hz

6.        Compatibility: Freshwater & Saltwater

7.        Cable: 10 meters

8.        Warranty: 18 months

Expert Benefits for Algae Control:

  • Strategic Water Circulation: Create precise water movement patterns to effectively break up algal blooms and prevent future growth.

  • Nutrient Distribution & Oxygenation: By ensuring uniform nutrient distribution and oxygen levels, create an environment less conducive to algae proliferation.

  • Tailored Solutions: Adjust the speed and mixing patterns to suit specific water bodies, taking into account size, depth, and existing algae problems.

Why Choose Tuohai?

With over 25 years of industry experience, Tuohai is a name synonymous with quality and innovation in water treatment. Our products are globally recognized and certified, reflecting our commitment to excellence. When it comes to algae control, our Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer stands out as a manifestation of our expertise.


  • What makes cast iron the ideal material for a submersible mixer?

Cast iron offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, vital for continuous performance in various water conditions.

  • How does adjustable speed enhance algae control?

The ability to tailor the mixer's speed ensures targeted disruption of algal blooms, allowing for a more nuanced and effective algae management strategy.

  • Can the Cast Iron Submersible Mixer be customized for different water depths?

Absolutely! Provide us with your water body's dimensions, and we'll customize the mixer's power and size accordingly for optimal performance.

  • Is this submersible mixer energy-efficient?

Yes, it is designed for maximum energy efficiency, delivering high performance without escalated energy costs.

  • What maintenance is required for the Cast Iron Submersible Mixer?

The mixer requires minimal maintenance due to its robust construction, although regular inspections are recommended for optimal longevity.

  • How do I install the submersible mixer?

We provide installation support including detailed diagrams and instructions, making the process straightforward.

  • Is there a warranty for the Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer?

Tuohai offers an 18-month warranty, reflecting our confidence in the product's quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Can the mixer operate in both freshwater and saltwater?

Certainly! Its cast iron construction ensures efficient performance in both types of environments.

How can I purchase the Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer?

  • You can contact us directly through our official channels to inquire and place an order.

Why is Tuohai a trusted name in water treatment and algae control?

With a rich heritage, global presence, and a reputation for quality, Tuohai is a trusted industry leader in providing effective and sustainable solutions.

For inquiries and to explore how Tuohai’s Cast Iron Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Algae Control can transform your aquatic environment, please contact us. Experience the epitome of professionalism and innovation with Tuohai.

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