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High Flow Rate Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Fish Farming


Introducing our innovative High flow rate Adjustable speed submersible mixer, specially crafted for the modern challenges of fish farming. With its unrivaled flow rate combined with adjustable speed, our mixer is your go-to solution for achieving optimal water conditions, promoting healthier and more productive fish habitats.


Key Features:

1.        High Flow Rate: Designed to ensure swift water movement, essential for maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

2.        Adjustable Speed: Adjust speed according to the specific requirements of various aquatic species and stages of growth.

3.        Durable Construction: Made with premium-grade materials to ensure an extended operational life.

4.        In-built Cable: Comes standard with a 10-meter cable for effortless setup and connectivity.

Primary Applications:

  • Fish Farming:

  • Applications: Ideally suited for fish ponds, hatcheries, and breeding tanks.

  • Benefits: Facilitates optimal oxygenation, prevents water stagnation, and aids in waste dispersal, contributing to a healthier aquatic habitat.

  • Municipal and Rural Wastewater Treatment:

  • Applications: Suitable for aerated lagoons, anaerobic ponds, anoxic basins, and oxidation ditches

  • Benefits: Drives water circulation, maximizes oxygenation efficiency, and thwarts sludge buildup.

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • Applications: Perfect for reactors, sedimentation tanks, and neutralization basins.

  • Benefits: Guarantees tri-phase homogenization, leading to enhanced product quality.

  • Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Applications: Tailored for fermentation tanks, brewing vats, and flavoring vessels.

  • Benefits: Consistently maintains both temperature and concentration.

  • Aquaculture:Beyond fish farming, it's apt for other aquaculture setups.

  • Applications: Beyond fish farming, it's apt for other aquaculture setups.

  • Benefits: Improves overall water quality and oxygen content, fostering a better environment for all aquatic organisms.


Submersible Mixer-19

  • Technical Specifications:

1. Impeller Material: Superior-grade alloy

2. Shaft Material: Strengthened alloy

3. Mechanical Seal Material: Advanced Silicon Carbide

4. Motor Protection Grade: IP68

5. Cable Length: 10 meters


  • How does the high flow rate support fish farming operations?

A high flow rate ensures uniform oxygenation and helps in the distribution of nutrients, vital for fish health.

  • Is the adjustable speed crucial for fish farming?

Yes, different fish species and growth stages might require varied water movement speeds, and adjustability allows for this versatility.

  • Does the high flow rate have an impact on energy consumption?

Although a higher flow rate may initially seem energy-intensive, the adjustable speed feature ensures optimized energy use based on real-time needs.

  • How durable is the mixer in a fish farming environment?

The mixer’s robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in varied fish farming conditions.

  • Can this mixer handle the solid particulate common in fish farms?

Absolutely, the mixer is engineered to operate smoothly amidst solid particulates typical in fish habitats.

  • How does adjustable speed influence the overall aquatic environment?

It enables farmers to tailor water conditions based on fish species, age, and health requirements.

  • Is it possible to extend the 10-meter cable?

Yes, customization for longer cables is available upon request.

  • Is the mixer suitable for saltwater fish farming?

Certainly, the mixer’s premium materials resist corrosion, making it apt for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

  • What's the expected lifespan of this submersible mixer?

With regular maintenance, it offers a prolonged operational lifespan, though exact duration can vary based on usage conditions.

  • Any specific maintenance tips for the adjustable speed component?

While general maintenance is advised, the adjustable speed feature is built for resilience and doesn’t demand any special attention.

Achieve unparalleled aquatic conditions with our High flow rate Adjustable speed submersible mixer. Expertly designed and robustly constructed, this mixer is set to revolutionize fish farming endeavors, offering both efficiency and adaptability.

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