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Cast Iron Variable Pitch Impeller Submersible Axial Flow Pump for River

  • Model: QZ or QH
  • Power Rate: 7.5KW to 650KW
  • Discharge Diameter: Ranges from 350mm to 1400mm.
  • Flow Rate: 0.1 to 4 m³/s
  • Head (Lift): 2 to 16 meters
  • Operational Voltage: 380V to 10KV
  • Housing: Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Impeller: Stainless Steel, Bronze or Special Alloy, etc.
  • Seal: Carborundum


TAIXING TUOHAI PUMP CO., LTD. proudly presents its advanced Cast Iron Submersible Axial Flow Pump, specially designed for river applications. Infused with a variable pitch impeller design, this pump promises unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, tailored to meet the demanding conditions of dynamic river environments.


Product Features:


lVariable Pitch Impeller Design: Our innovative impeller mechanism ensures adjustable water flow, promising optimal pumping performance even in fluctuating river conditions.

lCast Iron Durability: Built with high-grade cast iron, our pump stands resilient against wear and tear, ensuring an extended service life even in rigorous river environments.

lEco-friendly Efficiency: Our design ensures maximized water flow at minimal energy consumption, positioning us at the forefront of green pumping solutions.

lSeamless Integration: Crafted for riverine applications, our pump facilitates easy setup and promises low maintenance overheads.


Our Cast Iron Submersible Axial Flow Pump is more than just a piece of machinery, it's a solution designed to address multiple challenges:


1. River Management: Efficiently regulate water levels during both drought and flood conditions, safeguarding riverbanks and adjacent properties.

2. Ecosystem Support: Consistent water flow is crucial for maintaining aquatic biodiversity. Our pump supports habitats by ensuring regulated and continuous water movement.

3. Recreational Activities: By ensuring proper river water levels, we indirectly support recreational activities like boating and fishing that depend on consistent water conditions.

4. Agricultural Support: Many agricultural activities depend on rivers for irrigation. Our pump guarantees consistent water flow, ensuring crops receive the water they need.

5. Urban Planning: Cities located near rivers often utilize river water for various purposes. Our pump ensures a stable supply, supporting urban developmental projects.


Submersible Axial Flow Pump Installation Methods

The submersible axial flow pump is a specialized pump designed to operate underwater. It's an ideal choice for a range of applications including drainage, irrigation, water conservation projects, and urban water supply. Depending on the specific requirements and site conditions, there are several installation methods available for these pumps. Below is a comprehensive guide on the common installation techniques:

Well Installation:

In this method, the submersible pump is hoisted within a vertical well shaft. At the bottom of the shaft, there's a seating ring slightly smaller in diameter than the shaft itself. As the pump descends under its weight, its O-ring seals tightly against this seating ring. The pressure from the pump's operation further ensures this seal remains tight. This method is particularly suitable for locations with deep wells and minimal water level fluctuations. Its primary advantages are simplicity, ease of installation, and straightforward maintenance.

Floating Drum Installation:

Here, the submersible pump is connected to the outflow pipe via a floating drum. This setup allows the pump to float up and down with water level changes, maintaining an optimal submersion depth. This method is apt for locations with significant water level variations or where constructing a well shaft might be impractical or expensive. Its flexibility and cost-saving nature make it a popular choice.

Sled Installation:

The pump is affixed to a sled-like structure. During installation, it slides down a guide, with its suction segment submerged. This method leverages dams for installation and is movable. It's ideal for regions unsuitable for pump station construction, as it minimizes excavation efforts and thus saves on project costs.


Coupling Installation:

The submersible pump is automatically connected through a coupler with guide rail components. This design, inspired by the installation features of submersible sewage pumps, is efficient, cost-effective, and offers quick and easy maintenance. For servicing, one simply needs to lift the pump body along the guide rail.


Pipeline Installation:

In this setup, the submersible axial flow pump is installed within a pipeline. It boasts the characteristics of a submersible propeller pump but offers a higher lift at a competitive cost. It's particularly effective for short-distance secondary pressurization in pipelines.


In conclusion, the versatility in installation methods ensures that the submersible axial flow pump can be effectively utilized in a wide array of environments, catering to specific project needs and site conditions.

Our Services:

At TAIXING TUOHAI PUMP CO., LTD., our commitment extends beyond product delivery:


lFree Installation Design: We offer complimentary installation design services tailored to specific river conditions, ensuring optimal pump performance.

lDetailed Installation Blueprints: Our clients receive detailed installation diagrams to facilitate a hassle-free setup process.

lComprehensive Equipment Offering: From control cabinets and extended cables to grinding grids, we offer a full suite of supplementary equipment, ensuring our clients have everything they need post-purchase.

lPost-purchase Support: Our after-sales team is always available, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly.


What sets the Variable Pitch Impeller design apart?

The design ensures adjustable water flow, adapting to changing river conditions.


Is the cast iron build fit for long-term river applications?

Absolutely. Its robust nature offers extended durability and resistance to corrosion.


What distinguishes this submersible axial flow pump for river use?

Its design and features cater specifically to the variable conditions of rivers.


What's the energy profile of this pump?

The pump is engineered for maximal efficiency, ensuring high output at reduced energy consumption.


Are additional components required for the installation?

While the pump is ready for integration, specific environments might necessitate additional components, all of which we readily provide.


How are payments processed?

We facilitate payments via T/T and Letter of Credit. A 30% initial payment is required, with the balance cleared pre-shipment.


Do you offer any installation guidance?

Absolutely. We provide exhaustive installation guidelines and dedicated support.


How frequently does the pump need maintenance in river applications?

Periodic checks for debris and ensuring the impeller's free movement are essential, but our design minimizes frequent maintenance needs.


In what ways does this pump benefit the river's ecosystem?

By ensuring uniform water flow, it sustains habitats and supports the river's natural rhythm.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, all our products come with a warranty period, backed by dedicated post-purchase support.


Place your trust in TAIXING TUOHAI PUMP CO., LTD. for unparalleled submersible axial flow pump solutions, where product excellence meets unwavering customer support.

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