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High Efficiency Galvanized Submersible Axial Flow Pump for Water Treatment

  • Model: QZ or QH
  • Power Rate: 7.5KW to 650KW
  • Discharge Diameter: Ranges from 350mm to 1400mm.
  • Flow Rate: 0.1 to 4 m³/s
  • Head (Lift): 2 to 16 meters
  • Operational Voltage: 380V to 10KV
  • Housing: Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Impeller: Stainless Steel, Bronze or Special Alloy, etc.
  • Seal: Carborundum

Product Overview:


Presenting the High Efficiency Galvanized Submersible Axial Flow Pump, meticulously designed for water treatment applications. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and our 25 years of industry expertise, this pump promises unparalleled performance, durability, and efficiency.


Key Features:

1. Galvanized Protection: Our galvanized submersible axial flow pump boasts a protective layer, ensuring extended durability against corrosion, particularly essential for water treatment processes where chemical exposures are frequent.


2. High-Efficiency Design: Engineered for optimal performance, this pump reduces energy consumption, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings. Its streamlined design guarantees minimal water resistance, translating to maximum output with minimal input.


3. Versatile Application: Although perfected for water treatment facilities, its versatile design makes it equally efficient in various settings, from irrigation to drainage and flood control.


4. Advanced Mechanics: The pump's internal structure is specifically tailored for large volume water movement, crucial in water treatment facilities where consistent flow rates are imperative.


Installation & Integration:

lTailored Installation: Every setup is distinct. Our pre-installation assessment ensures your pump integrates flawlessly into your water treatment system.


lAdaptable Setup Modes: Whether you're looking for well-tube, sled, coupling, or pipeline installation, our pump is compatible with all. Our team will advise on the most effective mode for your system.


lSupplementary Equipment: Enhance your pump's function with additional components like control cabinets, extended cables, and crushing grids. Please note, these come at an additional charge.


lEnd-to-End Assistance: Our commitment doesn't end with delivery. Detailed installation diagrams, guidelines, and possible on-site assistance guarantee a seamless installation experience.


Our Company's Edge:

With a quarter-century in pump design, production, and distribution, our company stands tall as an industry leader. Our in-house design, research, and testing capabilities, underlined by an advanced pump testing system, ensure that every product meets the highest standards. We're proud bearers of ISO and CE certifications, testament to our product quality.


Our team of expert engineers offers unparalleled advice and designs, ensuring you get nothing but the best. Besides, our client-centric approach means we provide free design installation blueprints, coupled with guidance at every step.



Is the High Efficiency Galvanized Submersible Axial Flow Pump suitable only for water treatment facilities?

While it's optimized for water treatment, its adaptable design ensures efficient functioning across various applications like drainage and irrigation.


How does the galvanized finish benefit the pump?

The galvanized coating offers a protective layer, safeguarding the pump against corrosion, especially crucial in water treatment settings where chemical exposure is frequent.


Can I get assistance with installation?

Absolutely! We provide detailed installation guides and, if required, on-site assistance to ensure smooth integration into your system.


Do you provide any warranties?

Yes, our pump comes with an 18-month warranty, emphasizing our trust in its durability and performance.


Are there additional charges for supplementary equipment?

Supplementary components like control cabinets and extended cables come at an extra cost, but they greatly enhance the pump's efficiency and operational safety.


How energy-efficient is this pump?

Designed for optimal performance, our pump ensures maximum output with minimal energy consumption, leading to significant operational savings.


What certifications do your pumps hold?

Our pumps are certified with ISO and CE standards, underscoring their premium quality and performance.


How does the pump handle large volumes of water?

The pump is specifically designed for large volume water movement, ensuring consistency, especially in water treatment facilities.


Do I need to buy any additional equipment for optimal performance?

While the pump is efficient on its own, supplementary equipment can enhance its operation. We recommend discussing your specific needs with our engineering team for tailored advice.


How do I get in touch for queries or to place an order?

Feel free to reach out via our website's contact form or email. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist.


Investing in our High Efficiency Galvanized Submersible Axial Flow Pump is more than just a purchase, it's a commitment to quality, efficiency, and enduring partnership. Contact us today to enhance your water treatment process.

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