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Durable Construction High Efficiency Submersible Axial Flow Pump for Drainage

  • Model: QZ or QH
  • Power Rate: 7.5KW to 650KW
  • Discharge Diameter: Ranges from 350mm to 1400mm.
  • Flow Rate: 0.1 to 4 m³/s
  • Head (Lift): 2 to 16 meters
  • Operational Voltage: 380V to 10KV
  • Housing: Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Impeller: Stainless Steel, Bronze or Special Alloy, etc.
  • Seal: Carborundum

In the demanding world of water drainage, where efficiency, durability, and performance are paramount, our Durable Construction High Efficiency Submersible Axial Flow Pump emerges as the industry standard. Expertly designed to tackle the most challenging drainage applications, this pump promises not only to meet but exceed your expectations.


Product Parameters & Specifications:


Material: High-grade, wear-resistant alloy construction for added longevity.

Flow Rate: Ranges from 360 m³/h to 15,000 m³/h depending on the model.

Head: Up to 16 meters.

Operational Depth: Suitable for depths up to 50 meters.

Power: Available in 5kW to 200kW, depending on operational needs.

Key Features & Advantages:

lDurable Construction: Crafted with superior materials, this pump boasts an extended operational life even under the harshest conditions.

lHigh Efficiency: Engineered for maximum hydraulic efficiency, it ensures optimal performance while consuming minimal energy.

lOptimized for Drainage: Specifically designed impellers and a streamlined flow path make it ideal for all drainage applications.

lNoise Reduction: The submersible design significantly reduces operational noise, ensuring minimal disturbance.

lMaintenance Ease: Modular design elements ensure quick and hassle-free maintenance cycles.

Installation Options:

lWell Installation: For fixed operational sites with consistent water levels.

lFloating Drum Installation: Adaptability for fluctuating water levels, ensuring constant operational depth.

lSled Installation: Provides flexibility in temporary or shifting operational zones.

lPipeline Installation: Best suited for areas requiring short-distance water transportation or secondary pressurization.

Our Company's Edge:

1. Extensive Experience: Wth over 25 years of expertise in water pump manufacturing and sales, our legacy speaks for itself.

2. In-House Capabilities: From design, research, production, to testing, we pride ourselves on our autonomous, cutting-edge capabilities.

3. Advanced Testing Systems: Our state-of-the-art water pump testing systems ensure that every product meets the highest standards.

4. Certified Excellence: Our product quality is certified with prestigious accreditations like ISO, CE, and others.

5. Expert Technical Team: Our skilled engineers are ready to provide optimal recommendations and designs tailored for every client's needs.

6. Free Design & Installation Diagrams: We value your trust, and to make the installation process seamless, we offer free design and installation blueprints.

7. Guided Installation Service: Our commitment extends beyond just providing products; we ensure you get the best post-sale experience, including installation guidance.



What makes this pump ideal for drainage systems?

Thanks to its high efficiency, durable construction, and design tailored for drainage applications, it stands out as a premier choice.


How does the pump ensure energy savings?

Engineered for optimal hydraulic efficiency, it guarantees top performance while using minimal power, translating to significant energy savings.


Can the pump handle debris commonly found in drainage water?

Absolutely. The durable construction and design can handle the challenges posed by debris-laden drainage water.


Is this pump suitable for both commercial and residential drainage?

Yes, the range of models available ensures suitability for both large-scale commercial and smaller residential applications.


What's the operational noise level?

Being submersible, the pump operates quietly, with noise levels well below industry average.


How long is the lifespan of this pump?

Thanks to its durable construction and high-grade materials, with proper maintenance, it promises an extended operational life.


Are there specific maintenance requirements?

While the pump is designed for minimal maintenance, regular checks and timely replacements of worn-out parts will ensure optimal functioning.


Can this pump operate in saline or corrosive environments?

While optimized for drainage, the durable construction does offer a degree of protection against saline or corrosive environments. However, for such specific conditions, please consult our team for guidance.


Is there a warranty on the pump?

Yes, we provide an 18-month warranty, coupled with comprehensive after-sales support.


How can I order or get a customized solution for my drainage needs?

Please reach out to us through our website or contact channels. Our team will guide you through the selection, customization, and ordering process.



If drainage efficiency, performance, and durability are what you seek, look no further than our Durable Construction High Efficiency Submersible Axial Flow Pump. With an industry-leading design, backed by our company's commitment to excellence, we promise to transform your water drainage operations. Get in touch today!

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