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Cast Iron Variable Speed Control Submersible Sewage Pump for Sewage Station

Discharge Diameter: 50~600 mm

Flow Rate: 7~6000 m³/h

Head: 5~60 meters

Power Range: 0.75~450 kW

Voltage: Standard 380V, with options for 660V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV

Efficiency: Up to 85%

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C

Max Submersion Depth: 30 meters


Product Description:

The Cast Iron Variable Speed Control Submersible Sewage Pump combines advanced engineering with robust materials. Specifically designed for sewage stations, this pump seamlessly integrates cutting-edge variable speed control technology with the unmatched durability of cast iron, catering to the diverse needs of modern sewage management systems.

Submersible Sewage Pump

Key Features:

lRugged Durability: Constructed primarily from cast iron, this pump offers maximum resistance to wear and corrosion, making it suitable for harsh operating environments.

lAdaptive Speed Control: The pump is equipped with variable speed control technology, allowing it to adjust its performance based on specific sewage volume and operational requirements. This ensures optimal efficiency and energy savings.

lEnergy Efficiency: The state-of-the-art motor design focuses on energy conservation, resulting in lower operational costs and reduced environmental impact.

Submersible Sewage Pump

Installation Methods:

Submersible sewage pumps typically utilize two primary installation methods:


lCoupled Installation:
The pump connects to the piping system through a coupler, allowing for easy detachment from the water outlet pipeline. Lifting devices can be used for pump maintenance. Suitable for various pump specifications, this remains the most commonly employed method. Couplers are typically provided as a set by the equipment manufacturer.


lMobile Installation: 
The pump outlet pipeline connects directly to the surface using a hose. The pump either rests at the bottom of the water tank due to its weight or hangs using chains or similar devices from a lifting apparatus. This method, not requiring couplers or base anchoring, facilitates easy movement. Maintenance involves lifting the pump along with its pipeline. Due to its design, it's generally used for smaller pumps, as it can't handle significant torque.



Perfectly calibrated for Sewage Stations, this pump is also adept in:


lWastewater Treatment Plants: Efficiently manages wastewater, filtering out impurities and ensuring water safety.

lResidential Complexes: Provides reliable sewage management solutions for large residential areas.

lIndustrial Facilities: Handles heavy-duty sewage needs typical of major industrial complexes.

Submersible Sewage Pump

Our Services:

lTechnical Support & Schematics: Our seasoned engineering team offers technical assistance, ensuring you have detailed installation drawings and expert guidance at every step.

lProduct Warranty: We provide an 18-month warranty, testifying to our confidence in our product's quality.

lMaintenance & Spare Parts: Should any issues arise, we stand ready with repair services and necessary replacement parts.

lCustomized Accessories: We offer installation guide rails, bases, and other tailored accessories as per customer requirements, ensuring immediate installation post-delivery without additional purchases.

lControl Cabinets: Available in either carbon steel or stainless steel. Start-up methods include soft start, variable frequency start, and autotransformer start.



What's the primary build material of the pump?

The pump is primarily constructed from durable cast iron.


What's covered in the 18-month warranty?

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and performance issues. We provide timely repair or replacement services as required.


Do the control cabinets support various start-up methods?

Yes, including soft start, variable frequency start, and autotransformer start.


How does the mobile installation method handle torque?

Mobile installation is better suited for smaller pumps as it isn't designed to manage significant torque.


Are couplers provided with the pump?

Yes, couplers are typically provided as part of the equipment set by us.


How do I ensure the right installation method for my facility?

Our technical team provides guidance based on your facility's specific requirements, ensuring optimal installation.


What kind of energy savings can I expect with the variable speed control feature?

The feature allows the pump to adjust its operation based on requirements, ensuring energy is used efficiently.


Are there any additional components required post-purchase for installation?

We ensure the pump comes with all necessary accessories, eliminating the need for supplementary purchases.


Can the pump handle the requirements of large industrial setups?

Absolutely. Its robust design ensures it can efficiently handle the sewage needs of large industrial complexes.


Is technical support available post-sales?

Yes, our dedicated team provides comprehensive post-sales technical support.

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Note: The above product details are based on general information and may not reflect the most up-to-date specifications. It is recommended to verify the information with the manufacturer.

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