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Corrosion Resistance Submersible Sewage Pump for Sewage Station

Discharge Diameter: 50~600 mm

Flow Rate: 7~6000 m³/h

Head: 5~60 meters

Power Range: 0.75~450 kW

Voltage: Standard 380V, with options for 660V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV

Efficiency: Up to 85%

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C

Max Submersion Depth: 30 meters


Unveiling a revolutionary solution in sewage management, our "Corrosion Resistance Submersible Sewage Pump" is a convergence of engineering excellence and real-world utility, ensuring resilience in the challenging environments of sewage stations.


Exclusively designed for sewage stations, our pump caters to the unique challenges posed by such environments. Apart from tackling the regular requirements of fluid transfer, this pump boasts a corrosion-resistant construction to withstand aggressive agents frequently found in sewage systems.

Key Features:

lSuperior Corrosion Resistance: Leveraging high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials coupled with specialized coatings, the pump promises longevity and optimal performance.


lEfficiency & Performance: Designed for peak efficiency, the pump guarantees energy savings, translating to reduced operational costs.


lVersatile Operational Range: Configured to handle varying flow rates and depth requirements seamlessly.


lIntegrated Safety Mechanisms: With features such as thermal overload protection and advanced anti-clog systems, the pump ensures uninterrupted, safe operations.


lCustomization: Recognizing the diverse challenges of different sewage stations, we offer tailored solutions in terms of flow rate, power, and other specific requirements.


Operational Specifications:

lPower Range: Suitable for varied electrical configurations.


lFlow Rate: Customizable to match the precise demands of individual sewage stations.

lEnvironmental Resilience: Engineered to function optimally within a temperature bracket of 0°C to 50°C and capable of operating under water depths reaching 30 meters.


lMaterial Integrity: Primarily crafted using materials that resist corrosion, promising extended durability.

Installation Methods:

lCoupling Installation:

This method employs a coupler to connect the pump with the piping system. It offers the advantage of easy detachment, with pump maintenance simplified using hoisting mechanisms. This is a widely embraced method for various pump sizes, with couplers provided as a complete set by us.

lMobile Installation:

 In this setup, the pump's outlet is directly linked to the water surface via a flexible hose. Depending entirely on its weight, the pump can either rest at the bottom of the tank or be suspended using chains or similar mechanisms. This method is advantageous due to its mobility and is best suited for smaller pump models.


Our Services:

lDedicated Technical Support: Our seasoned engineering brigade is always ready to assist, offering invaluable technical insights, installation designs, and schematic representations.


lWarranty & After-Sales Service: We're backing our product with an 18-month warranty. In the rare event of operational issues, our team provides repair services and, if necessary, replacement parts.


lComprehensive Installation Kits: Our customized offerings include guide rails, bases, and more, ensuring that once you receive the product, the installation process is hassle-free.


lAdvanced Control Cabinets: Choose from variants made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Available start-up mechanisms encompass soft start, variable frequency start, and auto-transformer start.



Charting its course since inception, TUOHAI has emerged as a hallmark of quality and innovation. Positioned at the vanguard of pump technology, our ethos is centered around crafting sustainable, efficient solutions. Our expertise in submersible sewage pumps is emblematic of our commitment to excellence.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Corrosion resistance submersible sewage pump for Sewage station:

How does the pump ensure corrosion resistance?

We utilize premium, corrosion-resistant materials reinforced with protective coatings, making the pump resilient against aggressive agents typical in sewage.


What differentiates this pump from regular sewage pumps?

Our pump is specifically crafted to tackle the unique challenges of sewage stations, offering unmatched corrosion resistance and operational efficiency.


Does corrosion resistance impact the pump's operational efficiency?

No, the pump upholds top-notch efficiency without any compromise on its corrosion-resistant properties.


Is there a specific installation method you recommend for sewage stations?

While both coupling and mobile installations have their merits, the coupling installation is generally preferred due to its ease of maintenance, especially for larger pump models.


How frequently should the pump undergo maintenance?

Our pump is designed for minimal maintenance, but we recommend periodic inspections for optimal performance.


Can the pump handle large debris common in sewage stations?

Yes, the design and anti-clog mechanisms ensure efficient handling of large debris.


What training or support do you offer post-purchase?

Comprehensive training sessions are available, ensuring your team is adept at operating and maintaining the pump.


Are customizations possible for unique sewage station requirements?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on catering to the bespoke needs of our clients.


How do you ensure prolonged durability in such challenging environments?

Beyond using corrosion-resistant materials, the pump incorporates safety features and robust design elements that contribute to its longevity.


What's the typical delivery timeline post-purchase?

Our standard delivery window is 35-40 days post the initial payment. For customized orders, a specific timeline can be discussed.

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