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Double Screen Drum Sewage Grinders

  • 380V 

  • 1.5KW~15KW 

Double Screen Drum Sewage Grinders-2

Double Screen Drum Sewage Grinders

The double-screen drum sewage grinder adopts a double-drum structure, which is mainly used for decontamination equipment in municipal, water conservancies, pumping stations, and other systems. Running, the pulverizing grid decontamination machine can crush the suspended and floating garbage in the sewage into fine particles of 6-10mm, and the pulverized dirt does not need to be salvaged, and directly flows away with the sewage.

The double-screen drum sewage grinder is truly in a sense, the whole ground is buried unattended. The double-screen drum sewage grinder can be installed at the bottom of the pool, and the top of the pool can be closed, which greatly changes the defects of the traditional pumping station, such as poor working environment, loud noise, high construction cost, and high operating cost, etc.

  • The sewage grinder includes cutting blades, gaskets, shafts, vertical rotary water grids, bearings and seals, bases, casings, reducers, and motors.

  • The shredder blade of sewage grinders is a  two-axis design that operates continuously under dry/wet conditions. The cutting blades and shims are single piece separated.

  • Two independent cutting blades and shims are mounted on two parallel shafts that alternately overlap to achieve a helical cut. The driven shaft is rotated by the driveshaft to rotate at a speed of 2/3 of the drive shaft.

  • Can be used in sewage lifting pumping station

The Size Chart of Single Screen Sewage Grinder


Height of Blade


Height of Housing

Total Height

 Width of Housing


Length of Housing

Total Length







Cutting Blade
Heat Treated Alloy Steel
Heat treated hexagonal alloy steel
Base and Outer Casing
Ductile iron
Machinery Seal
Tungsten carbide / tungsten carbide
Rubber Parts
Nitrile rubber

Double Shaft Blade

Adapt to more types of solid particles than single-axis crushing Shafts rotating in two directions cause particles to be crushed between the two shafts

Shaftless Drum

Stainless steel material and various sizes of grid gap are available, including 6mm

Blade Selection

According to customer needs, various tooth designs are designed to meet the needs of various special situations

Small Gap Between Screen Drum and Blade

The small gap between the drum and blade for a higher solids capture rate bushing deflector guides solid impurities into the cutting chamber and protects the seal from sand and gravel

Lower Base

Maximize cutting chamber utilization at low flow rates for increased shredding capacity

Top Fastening Device

Allows for simple fastening repairs without lifting the device out of the channel

Easy to Install

Compatible with most existing pipes and channels with little or no civil modification required

Machinery Seal

The pressure can be as high as 0.6Mpa, the seal does not need to be cleaned, and the gland does not need to be adjusted

Model Design

The narrowest channel width is 550, and the flow rate is up to 11000m³/h

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