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FRP Sewage Lift Pumping Station

  • FRP Housing
  • Size of the Housing Can be Customized, Thickness, Diameter, Height, etc.
  • Submersible Sewage Pump Inside
  • Optional Sewage Grinder
  • Level Sensor, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector, Low Level Protection, etc
  • Automatic Control Cabinet, Can be Unattended

Sewage Lifting Pump Station

Tuohai integrated prefabricated pumping station is tailor-made prefabrication according to the needs of customers and the survey and measurement results of the project site. It solves various difficulties in the construction and operation of the pumping station perfectly.

Sewage Lifting Pump Station

Pumps, grilles, valve pipes, sensors, ventilation, deodorization equipment, intelligent control systems, etc. are assembled and tested in the factory and shipped together with the housing to your designated location, ensuring cost-effectiveness and operational reliability of the system to the greatest extent.

Sewage Lifting Pump Station

The housing is reinforced with alkali-free glass fiber non-twisted roving and its products, thermosetting resin as the matrix, and a computer-controlled winding process to ensure uniform thickness and meet the design requirements. The thickness of the structural layer is determined by the structural design, and the 100% leak-proof test is carried out before leaving the factory to ensure that there is no leakage.

- Hardness of the Cylinder Body: Above 40Hba (Barcol Hardness)

- Compressive Strength: 120Mpa

- Hoop Tensile Strength: 150Mpa

- Axial Tensile Strength: 60Mpa

- Diameter of Cylinder: 1200mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 3800mm, 4200mm, etc.

- Height of Cylinder: 2~11meter

Features and advantages of the FRP Sewage Lift Pumping Station

Highly Integrated

As an integrated unit, the integrated prefabricated pump station provides:

Prefabricated cylinders, submersible sewage pumps, piping systems, crushing grids, intelligent control systems, lifting devices, exhaust devices, and other components can fully meet the requirements of different types of users.

Elegant and Sturdy

The main structure is made of fiber-wound FRP, which is twice as strong as traditional hand-made FRP and can completely resist tearing, corrosion, and other destructive forces, so it is strong, durable, and durable. The buried structure makes it coordinated with the surrounding rings, beautiful and generous.

Short Engineering Cycle

The integrated prefabricated lifting pump station series products are supplied as finished products, and the installation and commissioning of each component is completed in the factory. After the goods arrive at the site, they only need to be positioned and placed as a whole. The time required for buried installation and commissioning is much shorter than that of traditional pumping stations.

Environmental Protection, Cost Saving

The pump room of the integrated pumping station is set underground as a whole and is equipped with an automatic desilting and ventilation system. It adopts a crushing grid, and most of the solid waste will be directly crushed into small particles and discharged with sewage. Therefore, there will be no Too much odor, in line with environmental protection requirements.

In addition, the prefabricated pumping station saves 20-30% of the cost compared with the traditional concrete pumping station and occupies a much smaller area.

Fully Automatic Control

The submersible pump supporting the integrated prefabricated pumping station uses a liquid-level float to automatically control the start and stop. The crushing grille is normally open and can be automatically reversed when encountering large objects.

The entire pumping station adopts automatic control, and no special personnel is required to be on duty. You can directly understand the operation of the pumping station and correct various parameters through a computer or mobile phone.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Personnel does not need to enter the cylinder of the integrated prefabricated pump station. During installation or maintenance, the water pump can be hoisted in and out from the top, which is very convenient.

Long Service Life

The main structure of the integrated pump station is mainly made of fiber-wound glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), which is strong and durable, can be used for a long time without any maintenance, and usually has a service life of about 50 years. Other accessories including grilles, pipes, valves, etc. are made of FRP or other anti-corrosion materials, with long service life.

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