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High Flow Rate Adjustable Speed Submersible Mixer for Biogas Production


High flow rate Adjustable speed submersible mixer for Biogas production:


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Unveiling our top-of-the-line High flow rate Adjustable speed submersible mixer, meticulously designed for enhancing Biogas production. Boasting a high flow rate and adjustable speed, our mixer is the ultimate solution for a seamless and efficient biogas generation process.

Key Features:

1.        High Flow Rate: Ensures maximum liquid movement for effective gas production.

2.        Adjustable Speed: Enables adaptability to varying viscosity and conditions of digestate.

3.        Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials to ensure prolonged operational life.

4.        Integrated Cable: Outfitted with a 10-meter cable for hassle-free installation.


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Primary Applications:

1. Biogas Production:

  • Applications: Primarily for anaerobic digestion tanks used in biogas production.

  • Benefits: Increases the mixing efficiency, ensuring faster and more consistent biogas yield.

2. Municipal and Rural Wastewater Treatment:

  • Applications: Suitable for aerated lagoons, anaerobic ponds, anoxic basins, and oxidation ditches.

  • Benefits: Drives water circulation, enhances oxygenation efficiency, and prevents sludge deposition.

3. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • Applications: Ideal for reactors, sedimentation tanks, and neutralization basins.

  • Benefits: Ensures tri-phase homogenization for improved product quality.

4. Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Applications: Designed for fermentation tanks, brewing vats, and flavoring vessels.

  • Benefits: Maintains uniform temperature and concentration.

5. Aquaculture:

  • Applications: Suitable for aquaculture ponds and fishponds.

  • Benefits: Improves water quality and oxygen levels, promoting aquatic life growth.


Submersible Mixer-06

Technical Specifications:

1.        Impeller Material: High-quality alloy

2.        Shaft Material: Reinforced alloy

3.        Mechanical Seal Material: Superior Silicon Carbide

4.        Motor Protection Grade: IP68

5.        Cable Length: 10 meters

  • FAQs:

  • How does the high flow rate enhance Biogas production?

The increased flow rate optimizes mixing, ensuring faster breakdown of organic matter and consistent biogas yield.

  • Is it easy to adjust the speed of the mixer?

Yes, the adjustable speed can be tailored to the specific requirements of the digestate and process conditions.

  • Does the high flow rate increase energy consumption?

While higher flow rates might use more energy, the adjustable speed feature allows for energy-efficient operations based on requirements.

  • Is the mixer resistant to corrosive environments in Biogas production?

Absolutely, its robust construction ensures durability even in corrosive environments.

  • Can this mixer handle solid particles found in digestate?

Yes, it’s designed to operate smoothly even with solid particulates in the mix.

  • How does the adjustable speed enhance the mixing process?

It allows adaptability to varying viscosity and conditions, ensuring optimal mixing at all times.

  • Is the 10-meter cable customizable to a longer length?

Yes, customization options are available upon request.

  • Can the mixer be utilized in other applications apart from Biogas production?

Certainly, it's versatile and suitable for various industrial mixing needs.

  • What's the lifespan of this submersible mixer?

With proper maintenance, it promises a long operational life, but the exact duration depends on usage conditions.

  • Is there any special maintenance required for the adjustable speed feature?

Regular checks and maintenance are recommended, but no special care is needed for the adjustable speed feature.

Boost your Biogas production with our High flow rate Adjustable speed submersible mixer. With its unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and robustness, it's the definitive choice for industries aiming for optimized biogas yield.

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